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What is a whole food plant-based diet?

Written by Yoko Inoue There are many reasons for the plant-based lifestyle’s rise in popularity. As a result, the motivation behind the ethos plays a role in what a plant-based diet looks like. It’s not a set diet or lifestyle, in fact, for some it’s a diet and for others, it’s a lifestyle. Living in accordance with plant-based principles can…

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Simply “veg out” on the journey to a kinder lifestyle!

What constitutes a plant-based lifestyle? Written by Adrianna Krueger For many people, living a plant-based lifestyle is not just about nourishment, but about all aspects of their life. There are many reasons for a vegan diet. Above all, there is ethical motivation. Experts consider the plant-based diet to be particularly healthy, but ecological responsibility also motivates people to commit themselves…

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Vegan Spinach Ravioli

Vegan Spinach Ravioli – Most pasta doughs have eggs in them and more often than not, the cheese used is not vegan. So how about making the pasta from scratch and using vegan cream cheese? Voila! Vegan spinach ravioli served with mushrooms. This is an ideal option for someone who misses having a cheesy ravioli pasta but has allergy to…

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The benefits and challenges of a plant based lifestyle

Written By Natasha Zervaas N.P. The upward trend towards a more plant based lifestyle has, according to research by Global Data, culminated in a whopping 500% increase in the number of vegan consumers since 2014, with 37% of Australians now actively reducing overall meat consumption, and 10% stating they are vegan or vegetarian.* So what’s this plant based lifestyle all…

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Sweet Potato Power Bowl

Written by Kelsey Riley How to get Started with a Plant-Based Lifestyle We have been hearing more and more about living a plant-based lifestyle, but does that mean, and how can we achieve it? Let’s break down what it means to be plant-based, why this is important, and what simple steps you can take to move toward your goals. Why…

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scallop on blood sausage

Blood Sausage

Written by Kevin Kapusi Starow It might sound disturbing to those uninitiated, though to millions of people around the world this type of sausage is a staple in their diet, Blood Sausage. It is the ultimate in sustainability as it utilises a part of an animal that is otherwise wasted, the blood. There are variation of this sausage through out…

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Vegan Banana Cake With Coconut

Vegan Banana Cake Here is a delicious sweet recipe that utilizes those mature bananas that have outlasted their eating time, though not their cooking time. Often bananas are wasted once they reach a certain point, the best thing to do in that case, is to peel them and pop them in the freezer. From there you can use them in…

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There are many granola recipes, all purporting to be the original or the best. Though the thing I like most about granola is the ability to customize it to my specifics, and this recipe is pretty much how I prefer it. Just like me you need to make your own additions, subtractions or renovations to this recipe to stylize it…

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Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats Personally I love my oats, weather that be my coco cooked oats in the mornings or my granola snack that seems to call me throughout the day. Here is a tempting recipe to entice even the most ardent oat detractor, Overnight Oats brings together the perfect base for a breakfast. Allowing you to add the topping or toppings…

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raw oats in a white bowl

Oats, A Bowl Full

Written by Kevin Kapusi Starow Or also knows as the Common Oat is a cereal crop grown predominantly for its seed, of the same name. Oats are grown primarily as stock feed, though most of us, and I count myself in amongst this group, are under the misguided idea that they are grown just for us. Though of course Oats…

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Seedlings in tubs in greenhouse

Get Your Body into Gardening

Written by Annabelle Drew Did you know that gardening is a great tonic for your body? Those who are regular green-thumbs will intrinsically know this, but so many of us in this modern, busy world have not experienced the benefits of spending time working our green spaces. Garden Equals Nature Essentially, your garden is a patch of nature and there…

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Intuitive eating

How you learn to listen to your body again Written by Adriana Krueger You can eat whatever you want, and you will still maintain your feel-good weight! What sounds like a diet promise that is far too good to be true, summarizes the basic idea of intuitive eating. What is “intuitive eating”? (Intuitive eating) Eating intuitively is something we do…

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