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Be More You

Written by Peter Horsfield, as such they are his personal views. Let ‘It’ Go It’s a process Take Care of Yourself Start Now Let ‘It’ Go. The past is dry cement. It’s set. We can’t be changed. It is what it is. The reality is “life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards” Soren Kierkegaard. The challenge…

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Legal Measures for Mental Health

Written by Brooke Reardon Principal Lawyer, Wills & Estates. With COVID-19 taking its toll worldwide, the need for solidarity is required now more than ever. Not only has the global Pandemic made a significant impact on physical health, there is likely to be an alarming number of individuals who experience mental health illnesses as well.[1] During tough times like these,…

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My Money Free Weekend Challenge

Written by Peter Horsfield We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us Or put another way; Our success is dependent on our decision to choose the activities that will propel us towards our goals compared to those that will hinder us. When I first began savings I set myself a challenge to have a money free…

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What is Focusing Illusion?

Written by Peter Horsfield Many of us assume there is a silver bullet formula to attain happiness in our pursuit of personal growth and a higher quality of life. Better education, our career advancement, improved family harmony, more money, material assets and healthier etc. However the paradox is that happiness in itself is not in having these ingredients of happiness…

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Does Your Future Include Buying or Selling a Home

This Year? How to Sell and Buy A Home at the Same Time… Written by Eriks Draiska Every real estate transaction is different in its own way. Some real estate transactions are straight forward, while others are a puzzle and have several hurdles that need to be overcome. One of the trickiest situations that can exist in real estate is when…

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Knowing What You Want and How to Attain it

Without Going to Court Written by Marie Fedorov If you’re one of the 100,000 Australians opting for divorce every year*, you may be feeling stressed and anxious now that your relationship has ended. Although you may know what you want and are experiencing mixed emotions about this turning point in your life, it is important for you to take some…

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Knowing What you Want

Written by Joe Zhou It’s a New Year, which is the perfect time to set your goals for the future. Even if you’ve done this before, it may be a great time to revisit them because as we all know, our ideas can change. Many people mistakenly think setting goals is too much work or it’s too overwhelming. It doesn’t…

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The Only Plan You Need To Achieve Your Goals Written by Peter Horsfield Twenty one years, three months and a few days ago I looked up into a star filled night sky and I was overcome by feelings of regret, fear, loss and embarrassment. I didn’t like where I was, what I had become and what the future would hold…

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Divorce Mediation Coaching

On Trend For Separating Couples Written by Marie Fedorov We’ve all heard of life coaches and fitness coaches, but the latest trend for separated couples across Australia is to head towards the future with the help of a divorce mediation coach. With a 2018 report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealing that the average time time from marriage to…

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