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A Support Community

Helping You Do It All Written by Rachel Allan, marketer, coach, author and mum. We are not designed to be able to do it all – alone. Being a present mum, domestic goddess, super business women – none of it. Super-mum is a myth and kept alive by others highlight reels on social media. When you believe you need to…

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How to Love Yourself and Why it’s so Important

Written by Mituri Sharma Health and in a broader sense, wellness takes many various forms for different people. However, what few of us can deny is the importance of it which is why it is so important we spend a few minutes a day focussing on healing ourselves because: When we’re healthy, we’re happy which means everyone around us is…

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Becoming an authority figure

Empower your personal brand and business with media exposure Written by Sophie Richardson There are a number of practices that define your personal brand: how you communicate on social media; the way you interact with customers and employees; the story behind your business to name a few. But perhaps my favourite, and one of the most powerful practices to empower…

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Written by Kathy Fray I don’t believe most of the risk factors individually would tip so many women over the edge. But add them up: the low status we assign to mothering; the high value Western cultures place on a girlish figure; the isolation of today’s nuclear family; the workplace pressure that sends husbands away from home when their partners…

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Building a personal brand to add value to your business

Written by Sophie Richardson You’ve probably heard the term ‘personal brand’ a lot. It’s also likely first interpretations of it hold some association to social media influencers, or being ‘Instagram famous’. While true, the power of a personal brand extends beyond these singular vocations, and should be implemented into every business’s marketing strategy. Think of a personal brand as an…

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The ADHD Entrepreneur’s Secret to Flexible Living

Written by Grace Conyers We all want to get more done in a day. We also want to be able to be spontaneous when opportunities come up. As an entrepreneur, I get that. As a mother, I feel that. As an adult ADHD juggler, I see your struggles – and smile because I’m there too. One way that is touted…

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Designing Your Business Around Your Life

Written by Jessa Lewis It’s so easy to believe that you HAVE to do business a certain way, that it has to look like this or that and specifically like everybody else’s – especially when you’re first starting out. The truth is, it can look any way you want it to. You don’t need to work 9-5, a certain number…

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Prenatal & Postnatal care-plans during Covid-19

Written by Kathy Fray It is physiologically normal during pregnancy to naturally be immunocompromised (it is part of how your body doesn’t reject growing your baby). But add into that fact, knowing that local Hospitals (where you may have been planning to give birth) are heaving with COVID-19 patients, and it can feel justifiably unnerving. Add on top of that, the fact…

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How To Choose The Right Prenatal Vitamins For You And Your Baby

Written by Nicole Tomazic-Spanger I took prenatal vitamins religiously throughout both my pregnancies. While I knew that I might be deficient in some nutrients, I began my staple during the preconception period specifically to increase folic acid. I was fortunate to birth two healthy children, but in retrospect, I wish that I had taken prenatal vitamins that were better suited…

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Make ‘Me Time’ A Priority

Written By Julia Lette It is commonplace to feel like taking time out for ourselves is selfish. We have been taught that we must work hard to deserve health and happiness and we put pressure on ourselves to be perfect, to be patient and nurturing parents, to be devoted and supportive partners, to be dependable and sociable family members and…

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Navigating the labyrinth of social media platforms

For Business Written by Aida Rejzovic, Sassy Organics The key to social media success is to avoid getting lost in the labyrinth of the many different media platforms. Keep it simple, and focus on how you can use one or two platforms most effectively to increase the visibility of your personal business or brand. Before you set up your social…

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How To Amplify The Energy

You & Your Business Spend Online Written by Jessa Lewis How do you know where your genius lies in business (and life) when you show up on social media and beyond? In this day and age with hundreds of social media platforms, website options and more – how can you know where you are going to get the most bang…

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