raw oats in a white bowl

Oats- Ingredient Feature

Written by Kevin Kapusi Starow Or also knows as the Common Oat is a cereal crop grown predominantly for its seed, of the same name. Oats are grown primarily as stock feed, though most of us, and I count myself in amongst this group, are under the misguided idea that they are grown just for us. Though of course Oats…

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crustacean in water front on

Marron – Ingredient Feature

Written by Kevin Kapusi Starow When you mention the ingredient marron many people instantly think of the French marron or chestnut made popular by the marron glace. Though what we are referring to here is such a world away from that. It is a foodstuff found in Western Australia, and is a seafood product. In issue 28 on June 2020,…

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horseradish root with slices

Horseradish – Ingredient Feature

Written by Kevin Kapusi Starow For me horseradish has been an important part of my life, in that my background is European and this simple little ingredient is very popular in many European cuisines, especially from where my family derives from. My childhood is filled with memories of many meals accompanied by either the traditional white or red horseradish condiment,…

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