Spiced Lamb Pockets

Spiced Lamb Pockets Spiced Great recipe to share and make with the kids, they will eventually look to include a greater variety of ingredients, which you should encourage, as long as it is healthy. Frypan 18 Kofte6 Pita Pockets (opened)150 gm Yoghurt Sauce1 Iceberg Lettuce (washed & chopped)1 Tomato (sliced)12 Mint leavesCous Cous (cooked) Cook the Kofte in a frypan…

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ramen bowl

Homemade Ramen Bowls with Kombu

Homemade Ramen Bowls with Kombu A delicious meal or snack throughout the year. 1 tsp vegetable oil1 onion (diced)2 cloves garlic (minced)1 inch ginger (grated)4 cups beef bone broth3 tbsp low sodium soy sauce or coconut aminos2 tbsp mirinTwo 2" pieces of kombuTwo 3 oz packs of ramen noodlesOptional toppings: Soft boiled eggs (kale, chopped green onions, furikake, red pepper…

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Marron, avocado and saltbush

Marron, avocado and saltbush Photograph:Graeme Kemlo/Restaurant Amusé Photograph: Graeme Kemlo(C)/Restaurant Amusé 6 live marron1 tbsp olive oil2 star anise1 cinnamon stick1 tsp coriander seeds1 tsp fennel seeds2 shallots (sliced)1 head of garlic (sliced)2 lemongrass sticks50 g tomato paste2 litres waterJuice of half a lemon200 ml creamFor the marron stock, this stock requires a pressure cookerHeads and claws from the marronFor the…

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Marron, Sausage and Sage Brie

Marron, Sausage and Sage Brie This is a delicious, is not a little decadent starter, that is simple to create. 8.5 oz wheel of brie (at room temperature)4 oz turkey sausage1/4 cup marrons (roughly chopped)1/2 tbsp fresh rosemary (minced)1/2 tbsp fresh sage (minced)1 tbsp honey Heat a small saucepan over medium heat.Add the turkey sausage to the saucepan, and break…

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Cured beetroot on white plate

Stained Ora Salmon, Smoked Beetroot

Stained Ora Salmon, Smoked Beetroot and Blackberries, Goats Milk Cream, Horseradish and dill This is a technical recipe, that will bear you amazing results if you stick with it. Salmon1 Whole Ora Salmon100 g Powdered Beetroot140 g Raw Sugar140 g Sea Salt50 g Ginger20 g fennel SeedsSmoked Beetroot3000 g Beetroot Peeled3000 ml water100 ml Hazelnut oil200 g Black berries (Frozen…

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eggplant stew with quinoa in black bowl

Eggplant Bowl

Eggplant Bowl Tasty recipe that is suitable for the whole family, which is vegan friendly and gluten free. Made with all organic ingredients. 1 Eggplant (medium)2 Portobello Mushrooms150 gm Pineapple (peeled & cubed (tiny pieces))1 clove Garlic (peeled)1 Lemon (juiced)180 gm Quinoa1 Avocado (peel, cut into 1/4's )Pesto Ingredients150 gm Basil (fresh)150 gm Cilantro (coriander) (fresh)95 gm Walnuts65 gm Olive…

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horseradish & kale chimichurri in white bowl

Kale and Horseradish Chimichurri

Kale and Horseradish Chimichurri Fantastic accompaniment with meats especially bbq meats 1/2 cup kale (very finely chopped)2 tsp horseradish (depending on spice level desired)1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil2 tbsp lemon juice3 cloves garlic (finely minced)1 tbsp fresh chillies (chopped)3/4 tsp oregano (dried )1 tsp salt1/2 tsp black pepper In a medium sized bowl, add all the ingredients, starting with…

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Soy Milk Mayonnaise (No egg)

Soy Milk Mayonnaise (no egg) This is a perfect vegan alternative to mayonnaise, it is a perfect base to add any flavouring as it is clean and tasteless. 300 ml Soy Milk700 ml Vegetable OilSalt Add the liquids together, with some salt and sheer with an immersion blender, begin slowly, with the blade on the bottom.You will notice the liquid…

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nicoise salad in mold on blue plate

Niçoise Salad

Niçoise Salad Easy and tasty recipe for the whole family 10 Chat Potatoes (boiled & sliced)200 gm Green Beans (blanched & split)150 gm Cherry tomatoes (halved)25 Kalamata Olives5 Eggs (hard boiled, peeled & sliced)10 White Anchovies150 gm Mixed Lettuce400 gm Tuna steaks (seasoned & seared)AioliSea Salt Though it is not necessary, I do prefer to form this salad in a…

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chickpea flatbread on wooden board with nectarine

Chickpea Flatbread

Chickpea Flatbread Tasty alternative to bread, that is quick and easy to make. 1 cup chickpea flour1 cup water2 tbsp olive oil1/2 tsp salt In a large bowl, mix together the chickpea flour, water, olive oil and salt, to create a thick batter.Preheat a cast iron skillet or large non-stick pan over medium heat. Grease with your favorite non-stick spray.Scoop…

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