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Hack Your Life

Written by Susie Taaffe When I saw the topic for this month’s magazine my eyes lit up! I am the queen of life hacks. I truly believe there is no room in life for wasting time on things that will never give back to you. I want to live my happiest and easiest life however I don’t want to compromise…

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Who’s That Girl???

How To Dress When You Need To Bring Your A-Game Who’s That Girl Written by Susie Taaffe Fashion has been used by women for millennia to evoke emotions and portray certain characteristics. From hoops under skirts, bustles, and corsets to power suits and shoulder pads, fashion has created the illusions of whatever was desired at the time. So how can…

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Taking Charge of Your Textile Consumption

How To Repair & Repurpose Your Cloths

How To Repair & Repurpose Your Cloths Written by Katrina Naish If you have read our last articles How to Create a Sustainable Wardrobe & It’s Hard To Be Passionate About Fashion When… you will have noticed that we are passionate about making purposeful choices not only to ensure you look great but also to ensure your wardrobe’s carbon footprint…

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