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How To Create Green Garden Walls

How To Create Green Garden Walls at Home

How To Create Green Garden Walls Written by Annabelle Drew One of the first things I do when I undertake a back garden make-over or design a new landscape for my clients is to plan for hiding the boundaries. Suburban timber paling or metal fences box us in, surrounding us with man-made, often unattractive walls which limit the feeling of…

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Is my iPhone as Safe as They Say?

Is my iPhone Safe?

Photo by Designed by Freepik Written by Kareem Tawansi For months now I’ve been seeing huge billboards with the words Apple, Security and Privacy on them. Apple have clearly identified another USP (“Unique Selling Point”) around keeping us safe. As a person who has a mix of Apple and non-Apple products (I have both an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy…

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What You Are Telling

What You Are Telling Companies About You

Written by Grace Conyers If I were to ask you to name off all the apps that use your GPS location on your phone, tablets, and computers would you know? Sure, there are your maps, but did you know your email, social media, and even some games use location data? If you have a modern car with a navigation unit…

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