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What COVID-19 has taught me about flexibility?

Written by Kristina Duke With this intensity of the COVID-19 pandemic we have all had to be flexible whether we have liked to or not.  I think this is a great time to reflect on this and learn some lessons about being flexible that could be continued even when our social restrictions are lifted. Here are some key areas that…

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It’s OK to Ask for Help

Written by Julia Lette Do you find that you get a little funny about requesting support? If so, you are not alone! Even though we’re all different and have our own unique perspective and reaction in relation to reaching out to others, it seems that asking for help can be a tricky exercise for a lot of people. Requesting support…

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Tips for Going on a Solo Backpacking Trip

Written by Tracey Bell Travelling solo can be one of life’s most eye-opening, mind-expanding, joyful experiences.  This article will give you some suggestions to overcome the trepidation you may experience, especially as a woman, when deciding to venture forth on your own.  The best advice: Go for it! 5 Ways to Set Yourself Free and Travel Solo 1. Make smart…

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Prenatal & Postnatal care-plans during Covid-19

Written by Kathy Fray It is physiologically normal during pregnancy to naturally be immunocompromised (it is part of how your body doesn’t reject growing your baby). But add into that fact, knowing that local Hospitals (where you may have been planning to give birth) are heaving with COVID-19 patients, and it can feel justifiably unnerving. Add on top of that, the fact…

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Nourishing Through Colors

Written by Connie Rogers The art of nourishing through colors in food is nature’s way of keeping us smiling, healthy, sexy, and satiated. There are healing powers in colors from the oceans to the forest and food is no exception. When we choose colorful foods we increase the information that’s inside these beautiful fruits and veggies. At your next meal…

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Designed For Change

Written by Connie Rogers As humans, we live, love, laugh, and express emotions every day of our life. We experience consciousness through many avenues that allow us to change at any stage of our development. Basically, most of us disdain stagnation and are designed for growth. In college, if we put our minds into it, we can achieve anything we…

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A Plant-Based Lifestyle

VEGAN VS PLANT BASED Written by Aida Rejzovic Despite what you may initially think, there are differences in vegan and plant based diets. While both diets exclude animal products, the beliefs and core motivations behind the diets differ. A vegan diet is motivated by animal welfare, excluding from the diet all animal foods including animal by products such as honey.…

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Chestnut – Ingredient Feature

Written by Kevin Kapusi Starow Popular the world over, this little nut has worked its way into folklore art and song over the centuries. Throughout many countries, during winter you will find street vendors roasting chestnuts over open flames.  I remember my first introduction to chestnuts was as a child, my grandparents would use chestnut puree in a particular Hungarian…

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Foods First… Before Supplementation

Written by Connie Rogers a Certified Integrative Holistic Health Coach. It has been said that the epidemic of supplementation means people aren’t necessarily making time to consume nutritious foods that provide the body necessary vitamins and minerals. In my search for the truth, I found vitamins can help, but they can also harm. This is because I see so many…

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Growing Foods with Power!!

Written by Cath Manuel Fresh, home-grown food really packs a healthy punch when it comes to our body’s needs. Healthy food is necessary for a thriving, active lifestyle for us all, especially growing children. Fresh fruit and vegetables are an important part of our daily eating, and more people are realising the importance of organic foods in our diets to…

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