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If your business shares a market with our audience of parents and seniors responsible for children, or people who follow trends in health wealth and mindset, you have an opportunity to reach the types of customers, you want to engage with.  Our audience is unique as it aligns with our lifestyle content which has a distinct regional flavour.

When you partner with eBubble, we will work with you to ensure your content is compelling to encourage our audience to relate to your brand, enabling you to tell your story in a way that will resonate with our audience.  

We do this through a variety of media platform packaging that gives you, our promotional partner, choice in how you would like to showcase your brand and ensure that the right people are not only reached but compelled to engage through consistency of message, continuity of message and creative storytelling.

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Audience Insights
Gender Split
Age Demographics
18 - 24 10.76%
25 - 44 52.99%
45 - 64 15.94%
65 + 8.76%
Time Statistics

Average Time On Site


Most Popular Hours

10am - 2pm
2pm - 5pm
1000+ PDF Downloads

Footnote: eBubble Life until now has only been available as a downloadable PDF.

Device Breakdown
Mobile 52.2%
Desktop 44.32%
Tablet 3.47%

Engagement figures based on website traffic analytics from 2019 - 2020

Our audience is regional
location map of Australia
Creative Resources

Please reach out to our third-party vendors for the appropriate rich media templates.

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