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As a qualified chef, Kevin has been working in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and is passionate about good food, cooked well. Wanting to pass this passion onto others he created Bubble Muffin Kids Cooking Club back in 2011, to address the issue of childhood obesity.  From that came the evolution of E-Bubble Life, "Parents of the children in our shows, said that this is great for the kids, but what about for us?" Hence cane the development of an initial newsletter that was just called Healthy Bodies Programs, which changed into E-Bubble Magazine, to now be E-Bubble Life

More Info

My passion for food has seen me travel to many wonderful and interesting parts of the world, both for work and self exploration. I am always looking to challenge myself and learn new things, as there is always plenty of that, new things to learn.

I began my apprenticeship in cooking way back when I was just 16, my love of food was given to me from a young age through my family. Always wanting to learn, and by the way, I was in no way a great student at primary or secondary school because I think for me the subjects were just too boring. A journey commenced for me which opened my eyes to what the world was offering, and I wanted more. From performing with the Melbourne Opera Company to sculpting ice in northern Japan at the World Ice Carving Championships, acting in a mini-series for Australian ABC Television, or being one of the coaches for Team Pastry Australia in Lyon France for the Coupe du Monde (Pastry World Cup).

Life is so much more than a few words on a page, rest assured I will continue to learn, to love, and to live life to the fullest.