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5 Easy Ways To Plan Your Dream Holiday

When you are overworked, overstressed and dreaming of a holiday do you find it hard to find the time to plan one?  This is more common than you might think. Whether we like it or not our lives are busier now than ever before despite the evolution of technology and the many conveniences this affords us with our time and…

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How to Stay Safe When You Travel Over The Holidays

How to Stay Safe When You Travel We all love holidays, catching up with family and friends, or just getting away. Often though, we do not pay attention to safety and security when we travel or even if we choose to holiday from home. 1. Make Sure You Know The Way Home Whether it is a holiday that is all…

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How To Plan A Christmas

How To Plan A Christmas Your Family Will Love

How To Plan A Christmas A special occasion like Christmas is a time for family and food you can indulge in.  Let’s face it we all let ourselves enjoy food that is a little more decadent than the daily fare at this time of year. With Christmas fast approaching, planning is important to make sure you have the holidays and…

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Holidaying at Home

9 Fun Things You Will Love To Do Holidaying at Home

Holidaying at Home Written by Cerise Canon If there is something that we have all had to endure it is the disappointment of cancelled holiday plans. Rather than letting this be overwhelming for you and your family there is a way to enjoy holidaying at home After gathering snow gear, packing our bags and getting ready to head off to…

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Holiday Stress Be Gone

5 Ways To De-Stress Planning For Your Holiday

Written by Tracey Bell Holidays are fast approaching and you are met with a blank canvas – you could go anywhere!  You are spoiled for choice but inundated with information.  By the time you have sorted through the information and made a decision, is there even any time left to actually go for the holiday?  That’s without considering the time needed…

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planning a holiday

Top Tools for Planning a Holiday

Written by Tracey Bell The websites and applications recommended in this article can help you plan your travel, from finding low-cost flights to planning your budget, booking excellent accommodation and, most importantly, having fun on the road. SkyScanner Benefit: Allows you to compare flexible dates very easily so you can find the best days to fly.  Description: SkyScanner is a…

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Focusing Illusion

What is Focusing Illusion?

Written by Peter Horsfield Many of us assume there is a silver bullet formula to attain happiness in our pursuit of personal growth and a higher quality of life. Better education, our career advancement, improved family harmony, more money, material assets and healthier etc. However the paradox is that happiness in itself is not in having these ingredients of happiness…

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Community Engagement

How To Make The Most Of A Safari

Written by Tracy Bell Gone are the days when “Safari” was only for the elite of Britain’s colonial population.  Nowadays the Dark Continent is accessible to anyone on any budget.  And it is no longer about hunting or simply wildlife spotting.  Increasingly, travellers are looking for ways to connect with people, to find out how other cultures live, what they…

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How to turn

Turn 20 Days Into 52 Days Of Holidays

Turn 20 Days Into 52 Days Of Holidays This post was written by Peter Horsfield, as such, they are his personal views.  As a financial planner for the last 20 years, planning is now well and truly part of my DNA. And between you and me, once you know the core fundamentals about money planning; working with numbers, projections, legislations and…

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