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How To Find Your Passion

Written by Sally Kellett, professional meditation teacher “You are so lucky you have found your passion, I still don’t know what mine is” This is one of the most common things people say to me as they see me passionately pursuing a life in practising and teaching mindfulness. The next line I then get asked is…. “How do I find…

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How to show leadership in a post-covid world

Written by Natasha Zervaas N.P. The people from the State of Victoria have spent more time under unprecedented lockdown rules this year than they have had ‘free’ time, particularly in the Melbourne Metropolitan areas. The face of business, our physical, mental and spiritual health have been forever changed through the experiences of this year.  Family units have broken down, jobs…

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How To Love Your Brain

Written by Connie Rogers is a Certified Coach & Published Author. My passion as a certified brain health coach has been to teach people how to love their brain. The brain is the most important organ in our body. Our brain controls every thought and action we have. This includes sleep, digestion, memories, speech, movement, and more. But most importantly,…

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Overcoming Loneliness

How Volunteering May Help Written by Dr Melissa Keogh, Clinical Psychologist, B.A. (Hons), D.Psych (Clinical) The Australian Loneliness Report conducted in 2018 revealed that 1 in 4 Australians experience problematic levels of loneliness. Which begs the question – what exactly is loneliness? Loneliness Loneliness can be defined as a subjective feeling of social isolation and distress whereby one’s personal need…

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Considering mental health

Written by Brady Walker According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), mental health is “a state of well-being in which every individual realises his or her potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and can make a contribution to her or his community.” The issue of mental health is not new; far from…

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10 reasons how organic food creates more value for others!

Written by Adriana Kreuger Written by Organic products are becoming more and more popular these days, because more and more people are consciously paying attention to their diet. Organic food comes from ecologically controlled cultivation. They must neither contain genetically modified organisms nor have they been treated with synthetic pesticides or artificial fertilizers (i.e. chemical-synthetic nitrogen compounds). They also contain…

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The 5 Top Attributes of a Leader

Written by Donna Cameron Do you remember being young and looking up to people who inspired you?  They could have been actors, authors, or business people.  It really didn’t matter who they were but they were doing something that you admired, something that caught your attention and something that you wanted to do when you grew up. These people were…

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Beware the sting of summer

Written by Suzana Talevski The warmer months are a great time for outdoor adventures with your pet and making memories in the great outdoors are priceless moments to treasure for ever. Many people would be aware of the dangers snakes pose to curious canines but there is a smaller creature that has the potential to do almost as much harm to…

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Personal branding

What can be learnt from 2020 Written by Sophie Richardson It’s been a unique year to say the least. In fact, it’s more accurate to say that it has been an incredibly tough one. It seems we’ve been confronted with challenge after challenge, trudging our way slowly through each obstacle just to get to the other side. This is particularly…

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Community Leadership; What Does It Really Take?

Written by Sally McGrath Practice Director Health that Heals Leadership and management, is a role that has multiple responsibilities and ultimately the voice for the people represented in the relevant area of business, education or community and charged with the task of receiving and delivering news that is both pleasant and un-pleasant. The leadership in a community environment will tap…

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I want a beautiful smile

Written by Dr Jeffrey M Kestenberg MDSc LDS FRACDS , Dentist “The greatest joy in life comes from giving of yourself for the betterment of others” Debasish Mridha (American physician and philosopher) I’m a leader everyday. That might seem a bit weird to say but as a parent I’m a role model for my children, for my family and as…

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Marron, avocado and saltbush

Marron, avocado and saltbush Photograph:Graeme Kemlo/Restaurant Amusé Photograph: Graeme Kemlo(C)/Restaurant Amusé 6 live marron1 tbsp olive oil2 star anise1 cinnamon stick1 tsp coriander seeds1 tsp fennel seeds2 shallots (sliced)1 head of garlic (sliced)2 lemongrass sticks50 g tomato paste2 litres waterJuice of half a lemon200 ml creamFor the marron stock, this stock requires a pressure cookerHeads and claws from the marronFor the…

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5 Ways to Give Back To Your Community Whilst Improving Your Wellbeing

Written By Katie Lowe (BA, GradDipPosPsych) Anyone that has seen the movie ‘Castaway’ knows that we humans thrive on – even depend on connection. We are social beings that have evolved to subsist within supportive, nurturing communities. We love to feel like we belong, and research actually shows that the biggest single factor for predicting health, wellbeing and longevity -…

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Written by Connie Rogers It’s time to check underlying toxic exposures that create conditions which may be exacerbating how you feel. A toxic lifestyle can increase our risk of Fibromyalgia We are electrical beings. There are many things in our world today that can deplete electricity.  Causes of depleted electricity can be linked to Prozac, Fluoride, and medications containing fluoride such…

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egg with green leaf tied with string

Shaking Up Easter Traditions

Written by Sarah Milano Holiday traditions are part of what makes a holiday important to us. Going to an Easter service, eating a special meal and spending time with your family may be the basis of your yearly celebrations, but there is always room to create new Easter traditions. In this day and age, it is as important as ever…

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woman in blue top sleeping in bed

Healthy Sleep Hygiene

Written by Mituri Pradip Sharma There’s no doubt that sleep makes you feel better, but its importance goes far beyond just boosting your mood or banishing under-eye circles. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. The way you feel while you’re awake depends in part on…

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collection of artificial fruits whole and cut

Kid-friendly Products Can Hide Artificial Sweeteners

Written by Connie Rogers According to the American Heart Association, “One in three children and teens in the U.S. are either overweight or obese.” (1) Artificial sweeteners have been shown to increase weight gain, headaches, depression, PLUS, increase the risk for diabetes, cancers, and seizures. (2) They are also found to be harmful to cognition. Dr. Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon,…

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Basque tart on wooden board

Gateau Basque with Caramelized Pear

Gateau Basque with Caramelized Pear Simple and Delicious Tart for the family to share Dough 500 gm Butter (unsalted, softened)440 gm Brown Sugar (dark)250 gm Almond Meal640 gm Flour (plain)6 gm Baking powder4 EggsSaltTruffle Cream 1 lt Milk30 gm Truffle (shaved)150 gm Caster Sugar100 gm Egg Yolk80 gm Custard Powder110 gm ButterPoached Pear 1 lt Water400 gm Caster Sugar1 Vanilla…

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Cured beetroot on white plate

Stained Ora Salmon, Smoked Beetroot

Stained Ora Salmon, Smoked Beetroot and Blackberries, Goats Milk Cream, Horseradish and dill This is a technical recipe, that will bear you amazing results if you stick with it. Salmon1 Whole Ora Salmon100 g Powdered Beetroot140 g Raw Sugar140 g Sea Salt50 g Ginger20 g fennel SeedsSmoked Beetroot3000 g Beetroot Peeled3000 ml water100 ml Hazelnut oil200 g Black berries (Frozen…

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eggplant stew with quinoa in black bowl

Eggplant Bowl

Eggplant Bowl Tasty recipe that is suitable for the whole family, which is vegan friendly and gluten free. Made with all organic ingredients. 1 Eggplant (medium)2 Portobello Mushrooms150 gm Pineapple (peeled & cubed (tiny pieces))1 clove Garlic (peeled)1 Lemon (juiced)180 gm Quinoa1 Avocado (peel, cut into 1/4's )Pesto Ingredients150 gm Basil (fresh)150 gm Cilantro (coriander) (fresh)95 gm Walnuts65 gm Olive…

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Exploring the Misunderstood World of Mental Health

Written by Sally McGrath Never before has mental health been such an important and relevant subject and condition that requires support and attention. Once the hidden away, socially ignored, “crazy, so stay away mindset” and now the subject of mental health is well and truly open for discussion on social media platforms, homes, therapist practices, offices and video conferencing channels.…

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Do nutrients play a role in the management of food allergies?

Part 1 Written by Kaylee Slater | Accredited Practicing Dietitian at Grow Nutrition | Perinatal Dietitian | PhD Candidate  The prevalence of food allergies is on the rise worldwide, with the highest incidence found in younger children. Many more children today have allergies than they did decades ago, in fact the current statistics suggest that around 1 in 10 children have a food allergy, and this prevalence is growing by…

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horseradish & kale chimichurri in white bowl

Kale and Horseradish Chimichurri

Kale and Horseradish Chimichurri Fantastic accompaniment with meats especially bbq meats 1/2 cup kale (very finely chopped)2 tsp horseradish (depending on spice level desired)1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil2 tbsp lemon juice3 cloves garlic (finely minced)1 tbsp fresh chillies (chopped)3/4 tsp oregano (dried )1 tsp salt1/2 tsp black pepper In a medium sized bowl, add all the ingredients, starting with…

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Is NOW the Perfect Storm

To have an Explosion in Mental Health Issues? Written by Claire Dunkley from Cluzie Clinic What has 2020 brought us? For most people 2020 is a year they’d rather forget… or at the least, rewind and reset and start again.  With a global pandemic dominating the landscape, people have been exposed to mass fear in relation to getting a virus…

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Relaxing with mBIT

How integrating your multiple intelligences can help you find peace Written by Carolyn King from Empowered Happiness Our mental health affects everything we do.  From going out and meeting friends, to our performance at work, our family relationships, and our ability to really relax.  Never ending mental chatter and self-criticism, interrupts the serenity and peace we so desire when wishing…

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Mindful Mental Health in the New Normal

How to seek help in difficult times  Written by Laura Gomez COVID 19 has shone a new light on mental health, encouraging us all to think more creatively and adapt to access support differently. Yet for some people, stigma and shame can still be powerful barriers which block the path to seeking early help. Most of us will struggle at some point with an aspect of…

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Dedicated or addicted?

The mental and physical implications of overtraining and exercise addiction Written by Melani De Sousa Exercising too much, or overtraining, might seem like a foreign concept to the average person, but more and more studies are revealing the increasing prevalence of disordered eating, weight obsession and overtraining not only in adults, but in children as young as 11 years old[1].…

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organised wardrobe

Ready to Marie Kondo your friends?

Written by Sally Kellett from Mirosuna With the Marie Kondo method of de-cluttering sweeping the world since it’s launch six years ago, and Australia slowly moving out of isolation, could now be the perfect time to apply the Marie Kondo method to our friends? One thing that I’ve realised during the past year of living with Covid restrictions and…

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Mental Health and Pets

Written by Suzana Talevski Have you ever gone through a rough patch in your life or just had an off day and realised on reflection how much of a positive role your pet played in helping you feel better? A range of research shows that contact with animals can improve our wellbeing and state of mental health. Many studies have found…

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Holiday Stress Be Gone!

Written by Tracey Bell Holidays are fast approaching and you are met with a blank canvas – you could go anywhere!  You are spoilt for choice, but inundated with information.  And by the time you have sorted through the information and made a decision, is there even any time left to actually go for the holiday?  And that’s without considering…

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Becoming an authority figure

Empower your personal brand and business with media exposure Written by Sophie Richardson There are a number of practices that define your personal brand: how you communicate on social media; the way you interact with customers and employees; the story behind your business to name a few. But perhaps my favourite, and one of the most powerful practices to empower…

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Written by Kathy Fray I don’t believe most of the risk factors individually would tip so many women over the edge. But add them up: the low status we assign to mothering; the high value Western cultures place on a girlish figure; the isolation of today’s nuclear family; the workplace pressure that sends husbands away from home when their partners…

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Keeping your prostate healthy man sitting in chair

Keeping Your Prostate Healthy

Written by Connie Rogers Studies have shown an increase in the incidence of prostate cancer in young males 30 to 35 years old. “Dr. Milton Krisiloff, M.D. has found that in the majority of cases, men can significantly reduce their risk for urinary and prostate problems by making dietary changes which include eliminating all highly caffeinated products.” Unfortunately, prostate cancer…

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bowl of health foods, fruits, Making healthy food fun


Written by Julia Lette Getting kids to the table and actually eating their food can be a real struggle. However, as developing a healthy attitude towards food starts from a very early age, it is essential to instil wholesome eating habits in your children from the get-go. Fortunately, if you make good, honest food fun and appealing to children, they…

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More than Mud Pies

My Take on Germs & Children in a Cyber World Written by Lucy Cook , I am a mother of four boys, a business owner who operates 6 long day care and outside school hours care centres, and this is are my thoughts. Your first child barely touches the floor for fear he might catch something, your second child…

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nicoise salad in mold on blue plate

Niçoise Salad

Niçoise Salad Easy and tasty recipe for the whole family 10 Chat Potatoes (boiled & sliced)200 gm Green Beans (blanched & split)150 gm Cherry tomatoes (halved)25 Kalamata Olives5 Eggs (hard boiled, peeled & sliced)10 White Anchovies150 gm Mixed Lettuce400 gm Tuna steaks (seasoned & seared)AioliSea Salt Though it is not necessary, I do prefer to form this salad in a…

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colourful hula hoops

Immune System Boost Hoopla

Written by Donna Sparx As the weeks get colder and noses get drippier, it’s time to pull out whatever superpowers we can muster to fight the Winter Bugs. Dodging germs can often seem like navigating a multi-layered quest in a computer game. The enemies are the Bugs and we have a secret weapon. It is sparkly, circular, spindiferous and most…

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Building a personal brand to add value to your business

Written by Sophie Richardson You’ve probably heard the term ‘personal brand’ a lot. It’s also likely first interpretations of it hold some association to social media influencers, or being ‘Instagram famous’. While true, the power of a personal brand extends beyond these singular vocations, and should be implemented into every business’s marketing strategy. Think of a personal brand as an…

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Mindfully Relaxing

Written by Carolyn King from Empowered Happiness Relaxation can be difficult when there are constant stresses bombarding us from different directions.  The current climate, with COVID19 means most of us are on constant alert, listening to news reports to hear the latest figures and quarantine rules local governments have put in place. This constant stress creeps into our lives affecting…

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Essential Oils For Mind & Gut Health

Written by Connie Rogers One of the greatest fears of the aging population is forgetfulness, brain fog, and losing our mind. Toxic exposures from indoor and outdoor pollution can leave us with long term adverse health effects by targeting our central nervous system, endocrine system, and digestive system creating inflammation in both mind and body. Inhaling and absorbing pollution from…

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Teaching adolescents the value of their physical health

Written by Claire Richardson Osteopaths are allied health practitioners with a focus on physical health. This positions us well to understand the relationship between physical activity and overall health. Fostering a love of physical activity and teaching young people the value of physical health is a significantly worthwhile pursuit, as it has flow on effects for the whole of adulthood,…

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baby in baby bath

Hydration & Nutrition for Babies & Toddlers

Written by Kathy Fray Pot plants have pretty straight forward nutritional needs – feeding, watering and sunlight – but personally I have sometimes become frustratingly adept at killing pot-plants. The bad news is that babies and toddlers are obviously way more complicated than pot-plants! The good news is that babies and toddlers can also be way less complicated than pot-plants … so long as you’ve got…

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family bonding in a field of wheat

How to teach children values

Written by Sally McGrath Influential Health Values for Children Children and values; what comes to mind when you think of values and teaching your children? It is a subject that is surrounded in opinion and debate, whilst most parents suggest that values are learned by example and the responsibility of the parent, others challenge this and suggest that some parents…

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father & daughter playing

Teaching Children to Value Time

Written By Casey Castro In the modern world we live in with technology so readily available, it can be hard to hold our childrens attention for very long. Especially with games being so bright and colourful and technology being so easy to use in their little hands. Children (and adults) of all ages love the pull of a device. They…

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farinata on chopping board with rosemary


Farinata Perfect recipe for the family to enjoy that is both healthy and tasty. 150 gm Chickpea flour (Besam)300 ml Water45 ml Olive Oil (EVO)Rosemary (picked)Salt Mix together the water, oil and salt.Then add the flour and mix together well.Allow to sit in a warm climate for 2 to 24 hours (the longer the better)Heat some olive oil in a…

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woman helping injured sportsman

Osteopathy for Sports Injuries

Maintaining muscular flexibility and joint range of motion Written by Dr Jason Stone Muscular flexibility and joint range of motion are often taken for granted, and rarely come up as a key focus in fitness and training regimes. Yet in my opinion, a neglecting these two bodily functions can be a major precursor to injury, and a limiting factor to…

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two sets of legs hanging out the back of a car

Using Kinesiology to help you relax

Restore and realign with your inner self Written by Carolyn King In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to find tools that can help us relax.  Stress is everywhere, and most of us experience some sort of stress daily.  While a little stress can be productive. prolonged stress can have quite a detrimental affect on our emotional, mental and…

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eggs in a carton

Creating Balance in Parenthood

Written by Nikki Cox Being a parent is a complex, overwhelming and sometimes stressful experience that requires a lot of constant juggling of different priorities in life. This juggling act can often leave you feeling inadequate, out of control, depleted and defeated. But when you achieve a sense of balance as a parent, this allows you to feel happy and…

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man with backpack looking at snow topped mountains

Tips for Going on a Solo Backpacking Trip

Written by Tracey Bell Travelling solo can be one of life’s most eye-opening, mind-expanding, joyful experiences.  This article will give you some suggestions to overcome the trepidation you may experience, especially as a woman, when deciding to venture forth on your own.  The best advice: Go for it! 5 Ways to Set Yourself Free and Travel Solo 1. Make smart…

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newborn baby on white fur

Prenatal & Postnatal care-plans during Covid-19

Written by Kathy Fray It is physiologically normal during pregnancy to naturally be immunocompromised (it is part of how your body doesn’t reject growing your baby). But add into that fact, knowing that local Hospitals (where you may have been planning to give birth) are heaving with COVID-19 patients, and it can feel justifiably unnerving. Add on top of that, the fact…

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painted face

Nourishing Through Colors

Written by Connie Rogers The art of nourishing through colors in food is nature’s way of keeping us smiling, healthy, sexy, and satiated. There are healing powers in colors from the oceans to the forest and food is no exception. When we choose colorful foods we increase the information that’s inside these beautiful fruits and veggies. At your next meal…

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white change posters on wall

Designed For Change

Written by Connie Rogers As humans, we live, love, laugh, and express emotions every day of our life. We experience consciousness through many avenues that allow us to change at any stage of our development. Basically, most of us disdain stagnation and are designed for growth.In college, if we put our minds into it, we can achieve anything we set out…

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white bowl with chickpeas & figs

A Plant-Based Lifestyle

VEGAN VS PLANT BASED Written by Aida Rejzovic Despite what you may initially think, there are differences in vegan and plant based diets. While both diets exclude animal products, the beliefs and core motivations behind the diets differ. A vegan diet is motivated by animal welfare, excluding from the diet all animal foods including animal by products such as honey.…

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chocolate pudding in glass with gold spoon

Chocolate Chestnut Pudding

Chocolate Chestnut Pudding A delicious dessert for the more mature palette. 1 cup canned sliced chestnuts (drained)1/2 cup raw cashews1 tbsp cocoa powder4 tbsp monkfruit sweetener1 tsp vanilla extract4 tbsp milk of choice (such as coconut or almond milk.)Toppings: desiccated coconut, chocolate chips, berries etc. Soak chestnuts and cashews in boiling water for approximately 30 minutes to allow them to…

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woman with striped towel having facial

Collagen… Connecting Beauty to Health

Written by Connie Rogers Great skin has a lot to do with our diet. This includes what we eat, the general well-being of our digestive system, and the amount of stress we allow in a day. If metabolism is sluggish, premature aging isn’t far behind. Some symptoms of Metabolic Disturbances are loss of collagen; increased wrinkles; thin, less elastic skin;…

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blue water with school of fish

How Molecular Hydrogen Impacts And Enhances Your Health

Written by Connie Rogers. Persistent oxidative stress is one of the major causes of most lifestyle-related diseases including cancer, inflammatory conditions such as obesity, atherosclerosis, and premature aging. When free radicals (or ROS) accumulates, it leads to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can in turn cause serious damage to all tissues in the body. Some examples of free radicals are environmental…

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back of open macbook

Connection and You

Written by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu The rate of which technology is advancing often makes us wonder if we can actually keep up or if we will always be that one version behind. However, what if it is technology that needs to catch up with us? There is an assumption that being across social media platforms, having the latest tablet or phone…

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selection of vegetables


Written by Jo Ebisujima POWER can be defined in a multitude of different ways. Perhaps it means being able to lift a ton, jump over a mountain or conquer your favourite superhero. To me, POWER means having the ability to thrive in every aspect of your life. Regardless of how you define it, whole fruits and vegetables are storehouses of…

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family standing near fireplace

Safeguard Your Family’s Health

Throughout Winter Written By Julia Lette On the whole, your immune system does a pretty good job of defending you against disease. Sometimes however, especially in the winter months, it fails and you end up sick in bed for days on end. Fortunately there are ways that you can intervene in this process and make your immune system stronger and…

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woman taking selfie with grey donkey

5 Life Hacks to Curb Overwhelm

Find more peace and joy in your everyday life while conquering your to-do list Written by: Camille Lucy In today’s modern society, it’s no surprise if your to-do list grows faster than you can check things off. Especially if you have a family. Often times, we feel that we have to do everything ourselves, and this can feel daunting, overwhelming…

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headshot girl with freckles

De-Stress Your Life

Written by Connie Rogers No one is immune from fear, stress or worry in their lifetime. However emotions can take hold and affect everyone differently depending on their most important asset, their mind-set. A diet of stressful emotions is no laughing matter.  These emotions in our nervous system can become toxic and settle into body organs which in turn could…

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woman sleeping on pillow

Sleep Sleep Wonderful Sleep!

Written by Connie Rogers We always feel vibrantly well after a good nights sleep with heightened energy levels and better moods. This is because sleep is a restorative process. It’s function is to maintain brain immunity and is also a huge part of building gut immunity.(1) The benefits of good sleep habits are  increased mental clarity, a healthier weight, better…

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woman on be looking at phone

Make ‘Me Time’ A Priority

Written By Julia Lette It is commonplace to feel like taking time out for ourselves is selfish. We have been taught that we must work hard to deserve health and happiness and we put pressure on ourselves to be perfect, to be patient and nurturing parents, to be devoted and supportive partners, to be dependable and sociable family members and…

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woman working through grass field

How To Amplify The Energy

You & Your Business Spend Online Written by Jessa Lewis How do you know where your genius lies in business (and life) when you show up on social media and beyond? In this day and age with hundreds of social media platforms, website options and more – how can you know where you are going to get the most bang…

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Tools You Need for Planning a Holiday

Written by Tracey Bell The websites and applications recommended in this article can help you plan your travel, from finding low-cost flights to planning your budget, booking excellent accommodation and, most importantly, having fun on the road. SkyScanner Benefit: Allows you to compare flexible dates very easily so you can find the best days to fly.  Description: SkyScanner is a…

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man and woman in night lights

Science Communicators and You

Written by Grace Conyers People use social media to connect with loved ones, people they admire, and search for and share ideas. Unfortunately for science communicators, social media is full of fast paced entertainment. If it’s not entertaining, most people won’t pay attention to it, let alone engage with the posts. If they aren’t engaged, it’s almost guaranteed they won’t…

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2 woman in bikini

Comparison, judgement and social media

By Sam Taylor from The Nurture Project Measuring yourself against others can in some ways be helpful. You might feel inspired about someone else’s achievements which then motivates you to improve your own life. The recognition that your abilities are a notch above someone else’s can deliver a boost to your self esteem. But comparisons can be harmful when they…

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woman holding love balloon

Finding, and Loving, the Real You

Written by Nikki Cox Selfies – we’ve all taken them at one time or another; photographs taken of ourselves, typically with a smartphone or webcam, and shared via social media. Selfies are essentially self-constructed, idealised images of the ‘perfect’ way we wish other people to see us in the online world. People take and post selfies for a myriad of…

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iphone with stylus

Using Social Media Platforms To Help Children Learn

Written by James Burnett – Founder and CEO of ORIGO Education Just ‘google it’ is something many parents say to their children every day. Information found online, especially through social media platforms, is often the primary source for kids when preparing school assignments or completing homework. With such a vast array of information and material offered through social media platforms,…

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three bottles coloured

Have You Considered A Juice Cleanse?

TO RESET YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD Written by Miriam ter Borg The human body is a complex mechanism designed to cleanse and remove toxins to maintain a particular level of balance and vibrant health. However, when your body consumes more toxins than it can eliminate it can lead to feelings of fatigue and lethargy, as well as contribute to more…

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arancini on white platter with garnish

Arancini – Milanese Style

Arancini – Milanese Style A classic Italian recipe which you can adjust the sizing of to your preference. 100 gm Onion (chopped fine)1 Garlic (clove, crushed)600 gm Arborio Rice1.25 lt Chicken StockPinch Saffron100 gm Ham (chopped)50 gm Mushroom (chopped)2 Tomatoes chopped½ bnch Italian Parsley (chopped)100 gm Parmesan200 gm Buffalo Mozzarella (chopped fine)3 Eggs500 ml MilkOlive OilSalt & Pepper Begin by…

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saffron scons on wooden board

Saffron, Apricot and Pistachio Scones

Saffron, Apricot and Pistachio Scones A tasty sweet treat perfect for a morning tea, or afternoon tea. 2 cups Gluten Free flour4 tsp baking powder1 tsp baking soda1/4 cup dried apricots1/4 cup chopped pistachios1/2 tsp salt2 tbsp cold butter (cubed)250 ml milk1 pinch saffron Preheat oven to 180 deg C, 400 deg F. Prepare a baking tray with parchment paper…

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sweet potato mash in decorative porcelain dish

Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Butternut Squash

Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Butternut Squash Perfect recipe to incorporate sweet potato into your daily meal routine. 3 large sweet potatoes (peeled and cut into chunks)1 medium butternut squash (peeled, de-seeded, and cut into chunks)1.5 tsp salt1/2 tsp black pepper1 tsp garlic powder6 tbsp butter In a large pot, add water, sweet potato and butternut squash chunks.Bring to the boil,…

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woman holding cat in purple pullover

What You Want Starts With [You]

Written by Nikki Cox Mothers nowadays are very rushed, stressed and attached to technology. We forget to take a moment to stand still, to reflect and consider our own lives and how we have changed since becoming parents. Motherhood often brings with it a sense of identity loss and the scariest part of going through an identity crisis is not…

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hand on shoulder

An ADHD Approach to Keeping Resolutions

Written by Grace Conyers Can I tell you a secret? My superpower is ADHD, and I am highly dependable, fully functional human being… all while being unmedicated. Yes, it’s possible to achieve all your goals with ADHD! Oh, I know. Today’s view on ADHD is that it’s terrible, something to be medicated into oblivion. That’s not how I see it…

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woman raising arms to the sky

The Power of a Daily Routine

Written by Sam Taylor from The Nurture Project As the summer holidays come to a close, we turn our minds to the year ahead and what we hope to achieve. We are often looking for ways to be better versions of ourselves. Perhaps we’d like to lose weight, exercise regularly, start that side hustle or be happier, calmer, more productive…

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doctors reviewing scans

Preventing, Treating & Slowing The Progression Of Kidney Disease

Written by Connie Rogers According to Executive Order by President Trump on July 10th2019, “Within 120 days of the date of this order, the Secretary ofHealth and Human Services shall launch an awareness initiative atthe Department of Health and Human Services to aid the Secretary’sefforts to educate patients and support programs that promote kidney disease awareness. The initiative shall develop…

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loaded fries with cheese melting

Loaded Fries

Loaded Fries A healthy swap perfect to enjoy while watching sport on TV or just for the family dinner! Sauce1 red onion (finely diced)1 tomato (finely diced)2 tbsp organic coriander powder (or fresh leaves finely chopped)1/2 tsp organic cayenne pepper1 tbsp organic paprika (smoked, sweet or plain, depending on your preference)Healthy fat to cook in (grass-fed beef tallow, lard, coconut…

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watermelon shooters with passionfruit

Passionfruit & Watermelon Shooters

Passionfruit & Watermelon Shooters Delicious summer dessert you can really have alot of fun with Passionfruit Fluid Gel150 gm Passionfruit Puree (strained (no seeds))Honey0.25 gm Agar Agar8 gm Thick n Cold PowderPressed Watermelon300 gm Watermelon Meat (sliced (1 cm))Edible Soil50 gm Oats25 gm Cocoa (bitter)10 ml Maple Syrup10 gm SultanasCinnamon Edible SoilMix together the oats, a pinch of cinnamon, and…

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seared scallop on onion puree

Seared Scallops & Onion Puree

Seared Scallops & Onion Puree A tasty and simplistic seafood recipe for the family Puree500 gm Onion (peeled & sliced)400 gm Milk150 gm ButterScallops12 ScallopsButterOlive OilSalt PureeMelt the butter in a pot andsweat off the onions, do not colour.Add the milk and cook out tillcooked through.Strain through a fine chinos,and press out any remaining liquid.Process with an immersion blender till…

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kingfish ceviche with sliced radishes

Kingfish Ceviche

Kingfish Ceviche A classic South America recipe, tricked up for you and the family 1 kg Kingfish fillet100 gm Red Chili (diced fine)200 gm Radish selection (sliced thin (watermelon, purple, red))60 gm Candied Lime zestDressingLime JuiceVirgin Olive Oil Soak the radish slices in iced water for 2 hours prior to service.Clean the fillet of all traces of colour, blood etc.Slice…

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provencale tart with fresh basil leaves

Provencal Tart

Provencal Tart An amazing and tasty recipe everyone will love, it is packed full of goodness and is suitable for many occasions. Pastry250 gm Whole meal Flour150 gm Butter1 Egg Yolk (700gm)Toppings1 Onion (diced)10 Tomatoes2 cl Garlic (crushed)Oregano (chopped)1 Red Capsicum (roasted & cleaned)1 Yellow Capsicum (roasted & cleaned)Olives (pitted)Basil50 gm Fetta cheese Pre heat the oven to 180cCut the…

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Mother and daughter stretching on floor yoga

Yoga for the Family

Written by Sarah Milano One of the oldest practices in the world, yoga has been changing lives for thousands of years. Originating in ancient India, yoga has spread to other countries in recent years as a form of body conditioning. Unlike many typical exercises, yoga is a multi-faceted exercise that conditions all three parts of your being: the body, mind…

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woman stretching yoga on pink mat

Stretching Towards a Healthy Life

Written by Sarah Milano Stretching isn’t just about preventing a pulled muscle during exercise; it is about conditioning your body to move at ease. Have you ever watched your child bounce around the house and marvel at their flexibility? Children can bend their bodies in ways that seem inhuman. You may think “Ah, to be young again”, but the truth…

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water splash close up

Water: The Basis of Health

Written by Sarah Milano The human body is a complex system. While scientists and doctors don’t know everything there is to know and don’t fully understand all of our body processes, one thing is for sure: the human body needs water to live.  Just like a plant needs proper watering to thrive, we need proper hydration for our bodies to…

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parents and children walking hand in hand

Making Exercise a Family Activity

Written by Sarah Milano As a parent, you are the one that sets the fitness example in your home. If you don’t partake in physical activities then your children, most likely will grow up not partaking in physical activities. This can result in myriad of health problems including obesity, and it really stifles the essence of being a child. The…

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pregnant woman in bikini at the beach

Top Tips For Babymoon Adventures

Written By Lyn Mitchell Babymoons are becoming increasingly popular in Australia and can represent a great opportunity for partners to connect before two becomes three. According to research, the second trimester is considered the best time to take a babymoon and for many mums-to-be this will fall between May and July, given October is the most popular month for Aussie…

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young man with glasses on laptop

The Most Powerful Human Emotion

Is Longing For Connection Written by Connie Rogers Billions have pored into Facebook for this very reason. Connection! When young, we learn and are responsive to experiences and environmental influences. Connection is a language all its own and, most times, spoken without words. For instance, we seem to understand the mind/ muscle connection when we train for a marathon. In utero,…

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female doctor removing stethoscope

Premenstrual syndrome– PMS

Written by Dr. Joseph Sgroi What is it? PMS refers to physical and emotional symptoms that some women experience in the lead up to menstruation. Symptoms often occur in the one to two weeks before hand and stop once bleeding begins. PMS can interfere with day to-day activities and relationships and the severity is often measured based on this. What…

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female scientist inspecting test tubes

Old-Age New-Age Health Technology

Written by Kathy Fray Over the past 100 years, modern medicine has experienced the most radical, mind-blowing and breath-taking evolutions, which only 100 years ago, would likely not have been even vaguely imaginable, let alone yearned for. Remember, it was only World War II, in the 1940s, which finally escalated the urgent global need for commercial volumes of antibiotics, to…

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wedge of mad mexican sandwich

Mad Mexican

Mad Mexican A creative fun recipe idea for a group of friends 4 Flour Tortillas (or pitta bread)250 gm Chicken thigh meat (cooked and diced)50 gm Mayonnaise1 Cucumber (sliced)2 Tomatoes (sliced)Tasty Cheese (grated)Roquette Lettuce In a bowl, add the chicken, mayonnaise, with some salt and pepper, and mix together.Lay the first tortilla on the chopping board, spread a third of…

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sillouette woman jogging

The Wealth in Good Health

Written by Osteopathy Australia Your and your children’s health is an investment, not an expense. Between a busy family life and work commitments it can be tricky to find the time and money to spend on self-care but investing in your health is worth every single cent. Actively looking after your health maximizes your chances of living a long, healthy…

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mother grabbing crawling toddler

Exercise for the Family

4 ways you and the kids can get fit together Written by Aidan Whitehurst Exercise. It’s the Rubik’s cube of our generation isn’t it? There always seems to be something more pressing to do, especially when there are kids in the picture. Sometimes it can feel like the only physical activity we get is the exasperated arm waving that accompanies…

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father and daughter walking towards lake

What is Wealth?

Written by Clint & Aimee To us, wealth is not about the stockpile of cash in the bank and items we own but is about the abundance of happy memories and experiences we have, as well as the relationships we hold dear. Christmas time is often filled with spending time and money on accumulating gifts and decorations, and while those…

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man holding silver bitcoin

From Little Things Big Things Grow

Written by Peter Horsfield We’re going to live a free life, a happy peaceful life. This means more to us than anything in the world. This is a story about freedom and every day doing the little but important things. About Paul Kelly’s inspiring and moving song about Vincent Lingiari Paul Kelly- From Little Things Big things Grow And Albert Einstein’s famous quote is “Compound…

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glasses with pad and paper balls

Cyberbullying is real!

Invasive and impacting your kids…even if you don’t know about it… Written by Annette Rose First let’s understand what cyberbullying is – according to the ESafety Commissioner it is the use of technology to bully a person or group with the intent to hurt them socially, psychologically or even physically. I know as the mother of 3 teenagers – 18,…

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female hand holding wifi symbol

Choosing respect

And dealing with bullying Written by Jay Anderson As humans we are all “relational beings” -this means that connecting with others is actually really important for us and for our survival. Sure, there are some people who’s personality is more introverted, who may like their own time and space, and other people (usually the exception) ….who may have social anxiety…

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five zebras grazing

Community Engagement on Safari

Written by Tracy Bell Gone are the days when “Safari” was only for the elite of Britain’s colonial population.  Nowadays the Dark Continent is accessible to anyone on any budget.  And it is no longer about hunting or simply wildlife spotting.  Increasingly, travellers are looking for ways to connect with people, to find out how other cultures live, what they…

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thousands of tiny red lights on a black screen

Tech: Bullying and Cyberbullying

Written by Marguerita Cheng Bullying was once considered a normal part of growing up. But name-calling and spreading rumors are more than an unpleasant childhood experience. It’s bullying, and no one should have to endure it. Unfortunately, the rise in technology and smartphones have brought it to a whole new level. According to a Pew Research Center study, 59% of…

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woman with hand to chin sitting at desk on her laptop

Become A Parents Who Knows What Is Out There

By Vicki Radford Parents usually understand the idea of bullying in the playground, where one child repeatedly mentally intimidates or physically harasses another child, but cyberbullying can be a different story. If you were born before the 1990’s, you’ve probably never experienced cyberbullying at school because nothing was online then. Cyberbullying is different from bullying because the bully doesn’t need…

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mother sitting on fluffy sofa with baby

Escaping the Judgement

Of Motherhood Written by Nikki Cox Being a mother comes hand-in-hand with being or feeling judged these days, particularly with the prominence of social media. It’s much more common than you think it is, with 6 in 10 mums in a recent report declaring they have been criticised for their parenting skills. But shaming a mum doesn’t seem to be…

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older man holding tray of fresh produce wearing a facemask

Home Toxicity and How to Reduce it

Written by Aida Rejzovic These days we are surrounded by so many chemicals that we have often been exposed to hundreds of toxins before even leaving the house. While there is little that can be done about outside contaminants, you can significantly reduce your chemical load by watching out for the following common household toxins. Furnishings, plastics and electronics Volatile…

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child doll in basket wearing gingham shirt

Bullying And Cyberbullying

Written by Joe Zhou Bullying / Cyberbullying is definitely a big issue that can harm the environment in schools, workplaces and friend circles. It doesn’t only happen between children but also between adults. Bullying can happen literally anywhere. It can happen in schools, at home, at work, in online social spaces, via text messaging or via email. It can be…

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young woman in running gear at kitchen slicing pear

Feed Your Head & Skin Health

Written by ©Connie Rogers Published Author, CHC Adults and children alike are absorbing more brain-damaging chemicals today than in the sixties. Our body’s largest organ, our skin, absorbs toxins not only from what touches the skin but from what we eat and what we are exposed to. Research suggests poor nutrition increases our risk for mental disorders, obesity, and brain…

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Kids playing on a tree branch

Using the Power of Play

To Boost Self-Esteem Written by Clint Bauer According to Albert Einstein “Play is the highest form of research” and he isn’t wrong, but I also believe that play is an extremely useful tool when it comes to boosting children’s self-confidence and self-esteem, which will better equip them to handle challenging situations in the future such as peer pressure and bullying.…

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husband & wife lounging on a long wooden swing seat

How to turn your 20 days annual leave into 52 days of holidays in 2020

This post was written by Peter Horsfield, as such they are his personal views.  As a financial planner for the last 20 years, planning is now well and truly part of my DNA. And between you and me, once you know the core fundamentals about money planning; working with numbers, projections, legislations and financial product features all day can at times…

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stuffed butternut pumpkin on wooden chopping board

Quinoa Stuffed Butternut Pumpkin

Quinoa Stuffed Butternut Pumpkin Easy and tasty recipe that is suitable for vegan and non vegan alike. 2 small or 1 large butternut pumpkinEVOO as neededPink salt flakes as neededHandful fresh oregano leaves (plus some more)1 red capsicum (deseeded and quartered)70 g quinoa (rinsed and drained)1 L water for steaming50 g eschalots (diced)2 cloves garlic (minced)Handful flat leaf parsley (roughly…

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2 woman stretching silhouette by water

Well-Being Organically

Written by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu When it comes to looking after the environment we are reasonably well versed on what to do, what not to do and what options to strive towards. However, it comes to our own well being what is organic or not is commonly undertaken as an extreme. Influenced by trends and popularity of what is right or…

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fresh gougeres on paper

Chanterelle & Herb Gougeres

Chanterelle & Herb Gougeres Classical French Recipe, with a slight twist. Pastry120 gm Water120 gm Milk115 gm Butter Unsalted (chopped)Pinch Salt236 gm Plain Flour4 EggsFilling90 gm Flour plain90 gm Butter1 lt Milk½ Onion1 Clove1 Bayleaf3 Shallots (peeled & diced fine)200 gm Chanterelle mushrooms300 gm Gruyere Cheese (grated)20 gm Tarragon (chopped)20 gm Thyme PastryPre-heat the oven to 200cLine a baking tray…

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mushroom risotto served in white asian soup spoons

Pearl Barley & Chanterelle Risotto

Pearl Barley & Chanterelle Risotto Risotto is such a luxurious meal, and with the addition of Chanterelle's it reaches a new height. 1 lt Nage (Vegetable Stock.)1 Onion (peeled & diced fine)2 Garlic cloves (minced)400 gm Chanterelle Mushrooms (brushed)375 gm Barley200 ml White wine200 gm Fresh or Frozen (defrosted Peas)1 Lemon (zested fine)2 Bay leaf (fresh)Grana Padano cheese (parmesan, Grated)Salt…

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slab of savory tart on white platter with truffle

Chanterelle Tart Flammekueche

Chanterelle Tart Flammekueche If your looking for a lighter alternative to Pizza, try this recipe. Dough425 gm Plain Flour85 gm Water (warm)20 gm Grapeseed Oil3.5 gm Yeast (dry)Sea SaltToppings100 gm Fromage Blanc100 gm Crème Fraiche75 gm Grapeseed Oil100 gm Speck (cut into lardons)100 gm Onion (sliced, & salted)150 gm Chanterelle Mushrooms20 gm Thyme DoughPlace the flour, water, oil, yeast and…

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roasted root vegetable salad on whit oval platter

Roasted Root Vegetable Salad with Radishes

Roasted Root Vegetable Salad with Radishes Try this winter warmer salad. Vegetablesroasted vegetables1 large sweet potato2 large carrots1 lb red or black radishes2 tbsp olive oil¾ tsp salt¼ tsp black pepper½ tsp garlic powder or 1 clove or garlic (finely minced)1 tsp dried oreganoSalad4 cups kale (finely sliced)For the salad dressing:2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil½ tsp salt¼ tsp black…

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brussel sprout caesar salad on blue glass platter

Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad with Avocado Dressing

Written by: Tenina Holder | Serves 6 Ingredients Dressing; 3 cloves garlic, minced 3 bottled anchovies 2 tsp mustard 80g fresh lemon juice 80g mayonnaise 80g EVOO 1 large ripe avocado Salad; 600g Brussels sprouts, trimmed ½ bunch kale, stripped from the stalks Shaved parmesan to taste Croutons; 1 baguette, cut into croutons 275ml bottle EVOO 50g parmesan, grated finely…

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young girl in grey top thinking

How Families can Stay Secure

Internet Safety Written by Annette Rose The online world continues to evolve, especially with the invention of high powered smart devices. There is a lot that the internet has to offer. Life has become smoother, faster, and better all thanks to the virtual space and the solutions that it provides for individuals and families alike. However, the internet also comes…

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lions with cubs laying down

How safe is Africa?

Practical security advice for your African holiday Written by Tracey Bell With an average of four and a half million tourists arriving each year (that is pure tourists, excludes business travellers and diaspora visiting family), tourism is the number one industry for many African nations, and vital to their economies.  However, the “Dark Continent” has a reputation: life is cheap,…

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green code on black background

Top 10 Internet Safety Tips

To Keep Families Safe Online Written by Marguerite Cheng The internet is an extraordinary place. Kids, teens, and adults can find joy and countless hours of entertainment day and night. Unfortunately, dangers lurk everywhere, and they’re not always easy to spot. Protecting you and your family when sharing events and pictures, researching reports, or playing games online is crucial. From…

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male & femal hand holding control units in front of screen

Online Gaming in the Offline World

Written by Nikki Cox Games are an integral part of human behaviour. It is normal and healthy to engage in play as part of daily life, including playing games online. The proliferation of personal screens in our everyday lives (phones, tablets, laptops) means that online gaming, or playful digital activities, can be accessed at most times and in most places.…

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woman in spotted dress with dalmation

Taking a break from it all

Considering, You, your family, your activity needs and your dog Written by Jay Anderson So often life is busy. We are “doing this” and “doing that”, going here, going there. The focus on life can sometimes be on the daily routines; off to school, off to work, get home-take the kids here, or there…..get home again, shower, bath, homework, dinner.…

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blue lighted framework at night

Device invasion in the home

And how to reduce the impact Written by Joy Fairhall The internet has bought the world closer together however, in our homes, it can do the exact opposite with our family life often pushed apart. Who isn’t familiar with children with their little noses deep into the device of their choice whether phone, tablet or even gaming on a TV.…

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woman with baby on fury chair

Postnatal depression – PND

Written by Dr. Joseph Sgroi What is it? Postnatal depression affects approximately 1 in 7 women and develops between a month and a year after a baby is born. It is different from the baby blues, which up to 80% of women may experience. The ‘baby blues’ is a set of feelings that can occur betw