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How To Create Green Garden Walls

How To Create Green Garden Walls at Home

How To Create Green Garden Walls Written by Annabelle Drew One of the first things I do when I undertake a back garden make-over or design a new landscape for my clients is to plan for hiding the boundaries. Suburban timber paling or metal fences box us in, surrounding us with man-made, often unattractive walls which limit the feeling of…

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How to Stay Safe When You Travel Over The Holidays

How to Stay Safe When You Travel We all love holidays, catching up with family and friends, or just getting away. Often though, we do not pay attention to safety and security when we travel or even if we choose to holiday from home. 1. Make Sure You Know The Way Home Whether it is a holiday that is all…

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How safe is Africa

How To Stay Safe, Travelling Africa

Practical security advice for your African holiday How To Stay Safe Travelling Africa Written by Tracey Bell With an average of four and a half million tourists arriving each year (that is pure tourists, excludes business travellers and diaspora visiting family), tourism is the number one industry for many African nations, and vital to their economies.  However, the “Dark Continent”…

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