10 Steps To Babymooning Bliss

Written by Cerise Canon

In the world of picturesque images splashed all over our social feeds, having a baby now seems to come attached with endless soirees, dolled-up occasions, and 'must have' products. But it needn't be that way. Sometimes a little getaway for you and your bump is all you need in the lead up to your bundle of joy arriving.

Often touted as a rite of passage when bringing a new life into this world, a babymoon is a well-deserved escape everyone needs. For all the changes your body is going through, the hard work it takes to grow a baby, and the lifelong hard work to come once the baby is born, you deserve a break before bub arrives.

But a babymoon needn't be Instagram-worthy or a trip overseas to be special. A lowkey local getaway is sometimes easier to organise, particularly in times of Covid-19 travel restrictions, and maybe just what you need to relax before the impending arrival.

Here are some tips when planning your babymoon.

Put your needs first.

Want to relax by a pool? Enjoy a scenic view? Or unwind with a massage and a nap? Choose a location that is suitable for your wishlist and take it from there.

Indulge a little

These moments are fleeting before bub arrives, and you may not get an opportunity by yourself like this again for a while, so take the opportunity to truly indulge in your favourite luxuries. Order breakfast in bed, organise late hotel checkout and stay in your robe all weekend.

Keep it local (if you want to)

Unsure about getting away during these uncertain times? Take a day trip instead. Enjoy lunch at a restaurant you've been lusting over or head to a day spa you've always wanted to try. There are fantastic inner-city places all over Australia that offer an indulging day for you and your bump without having to drive hours away from home to get there.

Succumb to your cravings

Decadent restaurants may not be an option for a while once you have a little baby on tow. Head to your favourite haunt or a restaurant you have always wanted to try and soak up the atmosphere, food, and mocktails before the big arrival.

Shop the day away

Babies and children are notoriously difficult to shop with, so if spa days and travel aren't your thing, head out for a day of shopping instead. If shopping all day, don't forget to take time to put your feet up throughout the day!

Revel in nostalgia

Heading away as a couple? Enjoy a loved-up getaway in a place you have always enjoyed together or have fond memories of. Take time to soak up each other's company before sleepless nights and exhausting days take over.

Minimise travel time

One way to ruin a relaxing escape is spending hours uncomfortable in the car or on a plane. Keep it simple and close by to avoid an exhausting travel time.

Speak to your Ob

Stay safe and ensure your obstetrician is in the loop of your travel plans. They may advise you of any medical considerations, things to avoid, and anything else you should be mindful of.

Don't leave it too late.

Pregnancy commonly becomes uncomfortable in the third trimester, so book your getaway sooner rather than later.

Indulge, Unwind and Enjoy!

Enjoy these final moments before the baby arrives by doing what you love with the people you love. Your body is undergoing an incredible transformation, as is your whole life once your little cherub arrives. Take it all in and enjoy the ride!

10 Steps To Babymooning Bliss 10 Steps To Babymooning Bliss

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