When you are planning how you will pamper yourself this Christmas have you thought about what you can do to make your pet’s Christmas that little bit more special?   After all they love all the attention and fun just about as much as you do so why not include them in your planning for the festive season.

So how can I make my pets feel special I hear you ask.  Let's see if we can help with the following 7 ways you can pamper your pets and make them feel like Christmas is all about them.

If you don’t have a pet, would this be a great addition to your family to consider.  Do you have the capacity to adopt, care, and love a dog, cat, or another pet in your home?

 1. Create A Pet Friendly Christmas Dinner 

How much time do you dedicate to planning your Christmas feast?  A lot I would guess.  Now is the time to think about how you can create a pet friendly christmas dinner to pamper your favourite pets.

So what does a pet friendly Christmas dinner look like

Just remember when creating your pet’s ideal Christmas dinner the following guidelines need to be followed: 

  • Be conscious of portion sizes as obesity in animals is a real thing and they don’t need as much as you think they do.
  • Be careful what ingredients you use that may upset your pet’s tummy or even be dangerous for them to ingest.
  • Be aware that even though your pet is part of your family where they eat should be just for them as this will teach them good habits 
  • Be mindful in how you involve your children in the serving of the meal.  Pets can become very possessive and even the most docile pet can lash out to a small human if they feel they might take their treat.

2. Spend Quality Time With Your Pets

Pets get lonely and feel excluded just like humans.  What you and I would consider a ‘holiday’ may not be seen as a holiday for our pets.  

To help alleviate your pet’s stress and protect their mental health take some time out to spend quality time with your pets.

Pets love it when you pay them attention so dedicating time to play with them is always going to be seen as a treat and is the most constructive way to pamper your pet this Christmas 

Now, I think you will agree that playing with dogs and cats requires different types of interaction.

To get inspired here are some tips on how you can play with your pets.  Check out these posts to learn how:

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3. Book Your Pet In For Some Pampering

Everyone wants a little personal pampering and your pet is no different.  Before Christmas, you may want to consider booking your pet in for some grooming or maybe even dedicating the time to DIY.  

Your Guide To The Tools You Need to Groom Your Dog

Often your pet will love the feeling after they have been groomed but find the process a bit scary or tedious. To make the pampering experience much more enjoyable you may consider buying some toys or treats, or even making some treats to surprise and delight your fur baby.

4. Organise a Play Date Or Two

We are all social beings but so are our pets. They love our attention but they also love attention from other dogs or cats.  Just like us they also sometimes don’t like some other dogs and cats.  Socializing your pet is good for their mental health. 

Consider organising playdates for yourself and your pets together.  The benefits for both the humans and pets involved is a win-win situation.

That’s right— playing and having fun is something you and your pets can share.

5. What Will Santa Put Under The Tree For Your Pets

With all the excitement of Christmas morning, why not include your pets in the gift-giving.  Pet stockings or stockings that you can buy and fill are both great Christmas present not only for your pet but for your children to involve your pets in the festivities and gift sharing.  

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