6 Family photoshoot ideas

Whoever makes up your household, be it family, housemates, you and your significant other, or you and your pet, snapping everyone in a family photo is a rewarding activity. Regardless of whatever circumstances keep us apart from each other, we’re still celebrating occasions and milestones. It may look different, but we’re still doing life and making photograph-worthy memories.

When you have plenty of time on your hands. Why not explore some at-home family portrait ideas and practice your photography skills. Whether candid or staged, with the right equipment, you can creatively document your family story in your own environment.

You can never know when you will have everyone-under-one-roof occasions so you need to make the most of it. This fun way to capture the moment with the whole household will result in plenty of cherished photos to look back on in years to come.

6 Family Photoshoot Ideas To Try

To help get you started, here are some creative family photo ideas for photoshoots:

1. Family Photos In Matching Outfits

Go through your wardrobes to find similar colours, eras, styles and patterns to create matching family outfits. Perhaps you’ve all got a lot of denim pieces that will make for a real indigo riot. Or, you could bring your favourite decade to life.

2. Superhero Family Photos

Dress up as your favourite superheroes, or make up some new ones. Acting out imaginary scenes is encouraged as suggested in family photo poses.

3. A Photoshoot Outdoors
6 Family photoshoot ideas

Whether it’s during your daily walk or just in the backyard, outdoor photos are a great option as they allow natural light and lovely backdrops. It’s easy to be playful in a park, so you’ll likely capture a lot of genuine smiles. Just be mindful of the time of day you choose to shoot, as direct sunlight can result in harsh shadows and a whole lot of squinting. Overcast skies, shade, and sunrise or sunset are the best conditions.

4. Christmas-Themed Family Photos

Bring some festive cheer to whatever month you’re in and dig out your tacky sweaters for a classic Christmas family photoshoot. Or, choose a North Pole character to embody and cast your pet as Rudolf. You’ll be Christmas card-ready, and have a whole lot of fun in the making.

5. A Classic Black And White Shoot

Give your photos a vintage feel and an instant professional edge with a monochrome edit. Black and white family photos are timeless, you’ll see.

6. Document Your Family Activities

However trivial they may seem, family activities actually make great photoshoots. Photographing your activities will result in natural, relaxed family photos. This could be your family cooking together, playing board games, watching TV or each doing your own thing in the same room. It’s real-life that can be made momentous through the lens.

Not all photos need to be staged. It’s great to capture candid family photos that are genuine representations of daily life. Have your camera, tripod and accessories ready to go to never miss out on moments at home.

How To Take Your Own Family Photos

6 Family photoshoot ideas

Since you can’t have a professional photographer come and take your family portraits, it’s useful to know what you’ll require to take your own. All you need is:

A Digital Camera

If you’re looking for the best camera for taking photos of kids, a compact digital camera is suitable. But if you’d like sharp, detailed, quality photos, look into investing in a high-end mirrorless or DSLR camera. These are great for the budding photography hobbyists in the family, too.

A Tripod

So that your family photos include everyone, you’ll need to invest in a sturdy tripod to mount your camera on and then use the camera’s self-timer function. It’s easy with most cameras to learn how to take self-timer photos in the camera’s settings.

A Remote Control

Set up your camera on your tripod, get yourself into place, and press the shutter via the remote control once everyone’s ready. The remote control replicates the functions of the camera’s shutter release button from a distance.

It’s Time To Capture Memories

Pass the time, get creative, document life, improve your photography skills and get the whole family together all in one go! You’ll be glad you’ve spent this time documenting your life together and will have plenty of amazing family photos to look back on.

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