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7 Placed To Discover in Cuba

Written by Orsolya Bartalis

With the current state of the world, no wonder that people are not feeling grounded, find themselves in a state of unrest and maybe even feel disconnected from their environment. Getting out into nature can help you find harmony and reconnect with yourself.

Whilst we can only do it in our own backyard, it's always nice to have a dream of those wonders further afield. Cuba is not a place many of us think of when creating our next holiday plan, so let me tell you a little about it! It is a beautiful place, with a lot of natural beauty. The mountains, beaches, waterfalls and incredible flora and fauna are truly amazing. From the moment you land on the island, you are surrounded by beauty and it's almost impossible not to feel grounded.

So if you come this far, do yourself a favour! Get outside of Havana and discover the natural beauties the island has to offer. The cultural immersion alone will be invigorating, but getting out into this pristine environment will help you recharge at a whole new level!

Visit one of many Biosphere reserves to walk through the forest: the light trekking will get you moving, get you fresh air, will give you access to some incredible flora and the truly amazing birdlife Cuba has on offer. And if you find yourself at a vantage point, I promise you, the views are worth it!

Sierra Maestra

For a more intense hike, or if you are feeling up for it (totally worth it!) take on the Sierra Maestra. The mountains will give you incredible views and you'll feel like an explorer! Make sure you don't do it alone! Take a local guide with you to ensure that you get the best experience on your hike and that you get back safely. Also, make sure you take some water with you. The heat at times can get intense.

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El Nicho

For a more relaxing hike, try the El Nicho falls. You can spend hours up there taking in the views. And while you are at it, take a dip in the waterhole. It's great fun exploring this natural gem.

Cayo Jutias

If forests and waterholes are not your themes, a great spot to get some peace and quiet is Cayo Jutías. This beach will allow you to enjoy the soothing sound of waves crashing onshore as well as wonderful views of Cuba's coastline. Not to mention the white sand beaches, the pristine waters and the stunning sea stars.

Viñales Valley

And if you make it to Cayo Jutias, you will definitely find yourself at Viñales Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has been protected since 1989. The valley features tobacco plantations. A benefit of travelling on a Small Group Tour is that we take you to meet the farmers, you can chat to them to learn about their lives, how their tobacco growing secrets have been passed down for generations, you can see how they live their lives. It's an eye-opening experience!


Another beautiful place to visit is Soroa, with its magnificent, towering waterfall - the Salto de Soroa of around 100 meters. It is one of the most important protected areas in Cuba and a major source of hydroelectric power - which means it's home to some wonderful natural swimming pools! Due to a large number of water sources in the area, there is also a natural phenomenon of mini waterfalls in the air, which is why this area is often called the 'Rainbow of Cuba'.

Zapata Peninsula

If you venture further east, you will find yourself at the Zapata Peninsula, a Ramsar site due to its importance to the international ecosystem. It is home to a large number of bird species, one of the most well-known being the flamingo, but it's also the home of many of Cuba's endemics, like the Cuban Trogon. And if you are venturous enough, you can discover the amazing underwater world on offer around here also, which is full of coral reefs and marine life - perfect for wall diving and even discovering shipwrecks.

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At the furthest eastern point, you will find Baracoa. The natural beauty surrounding this place captured Christopher Colombus' heart! It has a black beach, a white beach, many rivers and waterfalls to discover. Venture out to El Yunque in Alejandro Humboldt  National Park for an amazing hike, dip in a waterfall and stunning views.

If you’re looking for a place to reconnect with nature, explore Cuba. It’s not every day that people get a chance to escape this modern world of ours! Cuba is just the perfect spot for it, you can disconnect from Wi-Fi and find peace among ancient trees, marvel at unique birds or swim at a waterhole all whilst discovering another culture and feeling connected to something bigger than you once again. Come on over; spend the next minute reading through our list so you know what treasures await your discovery!

7 Placed To Discover in Cuba 7 Placed To Discover in Cuba

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