Educating Children

Top Tips To Support Kids

Top Tips To Support Kids’ Maths Study In 2021

Written by James Burnett After the challenges of 2020, entering the 2021 school year feels like a restart where parents can make a conscious effort to make the first term count. One of Australia’s leading mathematics educators and authors, James Burnett, offers his top tips for learning maths. What’s great is that you can implement these at home to help…

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Teaching Children to Value

Teaching Children to Value Time

Written By Casey Castro In the modern world we live in with technology so readily available, it can be hard to hold our childrens attention for very long. Especially with games being so bright and colourful and technology being so easy to use in their little hands. Children (and adults) of all ages love the pull of a device. They…

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Power of Play

Using the Power of Play

To Boost Self-Esteem Written by Clint Bauer According to Albert Einstein “Play is the highest form of research” and he isn’t wrong, but I also believe that play is an extremely useful tool when it comes to boosting children’s self-confidence and self-esteem, which will better equip them to handle challenging situations in the future such as peer pressure and bullying.…

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Cultivating Internet Safety

Cultivating Internet Safety in our Youth & in our Homes:

Working from the Inside Out  Written By Camille Lucy Technology has become part of the norm in our households, in our business and personal lives and even in the lives of our children: in school, and at home. It would be near impossible to sterilize your home and family from the internet, some form of social media, smart devices or…

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young asian boy with glasses

Maximise Your Child’s Talents

Written by Dr. James Zois Ever noticed how easily some people can learn new skills? I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “he’s just a natural.” But perhaps the answer is not as simple as you think. Perhaps it has more to do with the type of learner you are and less to do with “your natural ability.” Let me explain…

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girls sitting playing stringed instruments

Benefits Of Kids Participating In Sports

And Extra-curricular Activities Written by James Zois Active kids are smarter kids We know that physical activity is an important ingredient in staying fit and healthy. But did you know that learning piano, martial arts, tennis, guitar or other activities can make you smarter? That’s right, research suggests that by learning new skills you can improve your brains neural functioning.…

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children at waters edge in bathers

Easy Ways to Activate Your Kids

Towards better health Written by Cherie Rivas Our children are so full of amazing potential…. each of them with their own unique talents and special gifts to bring to this world…. but the unfortunate and undeniable truth is though, that our ever-increasing sedentary lifestyles, are not only putting our own health at risk, but also the health (and longevity) of…

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mother and daughter laughing whilst cleaning the floor

How to Get Kids to Help Around the House More

Written by Jane Wilson. Making kids clean may seem like the hardest job, ever topped only by breastfeeding. It is, indeed, at least most times. It all comes down to your child’s character, your own persistence and lots of patience. It gets easier with time but teaching children this useful habit is not an overnight process. It takes years of…

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