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Written by Cath Manuel

When planning to tackle a few garden jobs, some of us love them and others cringe at the thought of getting jobs done outdoors!

Smaller jobs can get done in a few hours, but when those bigger tasks need doing, it’s easier and a lot more fun to get someone to join you! When my boys were little they would help me with lots of little, and fun, things in the garden.

Together we would sow seeds and plant new veggies, herbs and flowers. We’d pull weeds and hunt for bugs. Watering the garden is something all kids love to do, especially when a water fight is involved.

But as my boys grew a little older and bigger, they started helping with bigger jobs like pruning, pushing the wheelbarrow and now their favourite thing is cutting the lawn…we have a ride-on mower (and they pretend they’re on a race track!)

There are many great benefits to our health from time spent in the garden. Physical and psychological wellbeing are two of the main benefits.

But another important benefit to our emotional wellbeing is the social side of gardening with others.

When we spend time in the garden with others we…

  • Get the jobs done quicker
  • Enjoy the experience of time outdoors together
  • Share ideas and knowledge
  • Have loads of laughs and fun
  • Talk about all sorts of topics…it’s amazing what kids talk about when they’re enjoying the outdoors
  • Create friendships and a closer connection with each other
  • Enjoy fresh food together…Yumm!

There are many ways to connect with gardeners. Try…

  • Your local paper for gardening groups or clubs
  • Visit your local community garden and join the fun activities
  • Invite friends to your garden and swap jobs. As the old saying goes...”You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”
  • Find support online – Try Spare Harvest ( to share, swap or sell time, food and resources.
  • Social media to connect with other green thumbs – Join the Soil to Supper Facebook Club (

Gardening is a great therapy if you’re feeling a little stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or just a bit flat. But a fabulous way to feel lighter, happier and a zest for life, plus get those gardening jobs done, is to head outside with family and friends and enjoy time together.

Plus you’ll get the jobs done in half the time!


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