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Pristine beaches, white sandy shores, friendly locals and a wide array of tasty food, there’s no wonder why Samui has become a popular destination amongst travellers of all kinds, young and old, adult and child, family and solo travellers.

There is something for everyone on this little Thai island. But sometimes, you just need to relax and unwind, stepping away from the rush and bustle of city life. In this article, we will show you how to hit that “pause” button and enjoy a rejuvenating holiday in Samui. Apart from sightseeing, exploring Thai temples, night markets, and enjoying the beach, here are some six activities to experience Samui in a different way.

Join A Yoga Class

Experiencing a stiff back from sitting all day in the office? Feeling tight in some of your muscles? There is a myriad of yoga classes for those who are keen on a good stretch. You will be able to find a yoga class for every level.

Hardcore yogis will be able to find long-term retreats, combining yoga practices, meditation, spa, wholesome meal, nature walk to provide a truly relaxing time. First-timers who find these retreats too intensive can opt for drop-in yoga classes. Imagine standing in an open air pavilion, surrounded by lush, verdant greenery as the tranquil ambience puts you in a zen-like state...And if you bring your own yoga mat, why not perfecting your practice at the beach, enjoying a sunset show and listening to the wave while focusing on your movements?

Mediate Amidst Samui’s Nature

It’s time to calm your inner turbulences and release all thoughts. The rhythmic sound of rolling waves, ocean breezes and warm sunsets make the perfect setting for a meditation session.

Close your eyes, feel the nature and let go of all your worries. If you are new to meditation, there are several classes on the island for you to give it a try. It is a great way to reconnect with yourself, embrace the present moment and focus on what really matters.

Rejuvenate At A Local Spa

How about indulging in a pampering session at a spa parlour on the island?

There is an array of options for you to consider: decadent full-body massage, herbal bath, reflexology, aromatherapy and more! Let the therapist soothe away your pain and relieve tense muscles. The wealth of available treatment, rich essential oils and calming music will slowly lull you to blissful relaxation.

For the ultimate delight, check out the luxury spas where you will be treated to a session amidst a breathtaking setting of cascading waterfalls, serene mountainside or magnificent sea views. Your mind will start to relax even before the treatment begins.

Enjoy Scenic Nature Of Samui Island

With rugged coastlines, azure waters, pristine sandy beach, luxuriant emerald greenery, Samui promises to capture your heart with its majestic nature.

Head to Lamai Viewpoint, the so-called “best viewpoint in Samui” for a visual feast of unobstructed sea views. A basic ticket covers three attractions: the Valentine Strone, Siva Tara Waterfall and Lamai Viewpoint. Lat Ko Viewpoint is a great option to catch a spectacular sunrise show and beautiful vistas of the Chaweng bay. There are also several offshore islands around for a day trip to explore untouched parts of the Thai island. Take a deep breathe, slow down and enjoy everything Samui can offer.

Have A Wholesome Meal

The island’s culinary options are aplenty, and they are pretty tasty too. However, try to resist the urge of over-indulging yourself and eat consciously. There is a wealth of dining options available and catering to different dietary plans.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, don’t worry. While there are not as many choices as non-vegan food, there are still a number of restaurants and cafes offering a healthy and tasty fare. Sweet Sisters Cafe, June’s Art Cafe, Radiance Restaurant offer great selections for vegans and vegetarians. If you don’t follow any specific diet, remember to eat moderately although the island’s offers seem endless and at a pocket-friendly too. Moderation is key to a blissful life.

Ensure A Good Night Sleep

Last but not least, a day full of activities will surely exhaust you, and the last thing you want is being unable to sleep at night for God-know-what reasons. Before you come to Samui, research and choose your accommodation carefully to ensure you have a good rest during the trip.

Luckily, there are plenty of options for you to choose and cater to all budget. While luxury hotels and resorts promise an enjoyable experience, villas are also an excellent alternative if you are travelling with your families or friends. You will be able to enjoy privacy as well as customised service.

How about splashing around in your own pool, dining alfresco-style as you watch the sun dyes the area in crimson red? If you want, you can have a BBQ party, or cook our own specialty or organise a spa or yoga session at the villa. Isn’t that the ultimate relaxation?

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