How To Look After Your Skin Whilst Traveling

How To Look After Your Skin Whilst Traveling

Written by Orsolya Bartalis

We all look forward to a well-deserved holiday, mostly so the everyday routine grind can be forgotten for a little while. Whilst skipping set routines can be refreshing for the body and mind, the change of diet, water intake, location, and temperature all add to potentially stressed skin. Especially in the current environment, when you are also required to wear a face mask on planes and even in some locations you may choose to visit.

During Your flight

Let’s face it, when you are from Australia even getting to the opposite coast will require a lengthy flight. If you are considering an international holiday long haul flight will most likely be involved. Air travel is quite dehydrating due to the air quality on aeroplanes, this can trigger those fine lines to appear.

More than likely there’s some stress along the way with connecting flights and meeting all the travel requirements which can create a stress response in the body, bringing about acne and psoriasis.

So how can you best prepare yourself to evade skin breakouts on long haul flights?

Start by removing your make-up so there is nothing caking to your face in the oxygen reduced environment. Then take steps to hydrate your skin from the outside! You could apply a hydrating mask – after all, you have time, or simply add a hydrating serum before a rich night cream for added hydration.

Looking after your skin from the outside is not enough, you also need to make sure that you drink plenty of water to also hydrate from within.

Also, get some shut-eye whilst you are in the air it aids the skin repair process.

Whilst On Holiday

Firstly, ensure that you pack your normal skincare products, enough for the duration of your trip. This is especially important if you are going to countries on the normal tourist route. Cuba for example has very limited options for skincare, so you must have your own. Having what you normally use on hand will help you retain your skincare routine as much as possible.

Drinking enough water applies as much on the ground as it does in the air. So, pack a water bottle and carry it with you so you can sip often and ensure hydration. Make sure that you know whether the water is safe to drink, if not, bottled water is the way to go. We don’t want any nasties giving you a bad tummy and bad skin!

The extra sunshine and fresh air can dry your lips too, so use a lip balm to keep your lips well hydrated and away from sunburn. We often overlook our lips, and it can be quite painful when they dry out.

Whether you are heading to the tropics or to the ski slopes, the sun will get you, so remember to apply sunscreen, not only to moisturise but also to reduce the chances of melanoma. You may not have considered it, but unless you are on an overnight flight, it’s also a great idea to apply sunscreen for your flight, since you’d be a lot closer to those UV rays!

Where possible stay away from hotel skincare products. They are often filled with fragrances and other ingredients that can be quite drying to your skin.

At the end of the day, ensure that you cleanse your skin to wash the daily grime away. Never with soap as that removes oils and dries the skin.

Wearing A Mask

Wearing a mask may not be a part of your everyday life, however, it is most definitely a requirement to be worn on planes and in some countries pretty much anywhere you go once you are outside your accommodation.

Face masks create a rather moist environment right next to your skin that can cause irritation and breakouts on your face, and even irritation by the elastic behind the ears.

So, how can you prevent this from happening? Apart from choosing a facemask that suits you, according to the Mayo Clinic, you must make sure that you prepare your skin by removing make-up and cleansing your skin to limit harmful bacteria on your skin. After which you need to moisturise.

Most importantly ensure that you keep your mask clean and if possible, break up prolonged mask usage with short breaks.

In a nutshell, to reduce stress on your skin whilst travelling, the best thing is to ensure you have your everyday skincare products with you, stick to your routine as much as possible, and remember to moisturise, hydrate and cleanse whilst enjoying a well-deserved break!

How To Look After Your Skin Whilst Traveling How To Look After Your Skin Whilst Traveling How To Look After Your Skin Whilst Traveling How To Look After Your Skin Whilst Traveling How To Look After Your Skin Whilst Traveling

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