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The Cost of Free

What Is The Cost of Free

Written by Kareem Tawansi We have been using internet services (in the form of apps and platforms) without having to hand over any cash, for such a long time now, that we have become addicted to getting stuff for what we believe to be free. The problem is that nothing in life is free and somewhere along the way we…

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Change is inevitable

Change is inevitable. Change is constant

Written by Stephen Molloy Leadership is the accomplishment of a goal through the direction of people involved. In this ever so changing world that we live, the importance to create value for others is stronger than ever. Some may assume that leadership qualities are only found in military or management roles within the workplace, however leaders are found in your…

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Become A Parents Who Knows

Are You A Parent Who Knows What Is Out There?

Written by Vicki Radford Parents usually understand the idea of bullying in the playground, where one child repeatedly mentally intimidates or physically harasses another child, but cyberbullying can be a different story. If you were born before the 1990s, you’ve probably never experienced cyberbullying at school because nothing was online then. Cyberbullying is different from bullying because the bully doesn’t…

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What You Are Telling

What You Are Telling Companies About You

Written by Grace Conyers If I were to ask you to name off all the apps that use your GPS location on your phone, tablets, and computers would you know? Sure, there are your maps, but did you know your email, social media, and even some games use location data? If you have a modern car with a navigation unit…

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back of router with cables

Simple Ways To Get Tech Savvy

And Find Your Families Perfect Outdoors Adventure Get Tech Savvy Written by Victoria Radford Getting outside with the kids can often be a challenge. Finding time to do things is only part of the puzzle to getting about and about. Our new world full of technological advancements can often work against us too. On the flip side though, we now…

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