How To Choose A Streaming Service

How To Choose A Streaming Service Written by Kareem Tawansi In life, we must take the good with the bad and that definitely applies in an open market. And this is certainly the case when one considers the streaming services market, aka Video On Demand (“VOD”). The good is pretty easy to find, it’s all the great content out there.…

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Social media tactics

Social Media Tactics For Small Business

Social media tactics Written by Sophie Richardson Visibility. New customers. More sales. The benefits of using social media for a small business are endless. However, platforms like Instagram and Facebook are also incredibly saturated, which means cutting through the noise and making your brand heard can be difficult. In this article, I will outline a couple of tips for businesses…

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Is my iPhone as Safe as They Say?

Is my iPhone Safe?

Photo by Designed by Freepik Written by Kareem Tawansi For months now I’ve been seeing huge billboards with the words Apple, Security and Privacy on them. Apple have clearly identified another USP (“Unique Selling Point”) around keeping us safe. As a person who has a mix of Apple and non-Apple products (I have both an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy…

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I Want to Talk to a Human!

I Want To Talk To A Human!

Written by Kareem Tawansi If you ever talk to a tech investor, you’ll probably hear words like “unicorns”, “J Curve” and “Scale”. These terms all come from the concept of putting money behind a company so it can grow to a ridiculous size and the investors can make buckets of money. And one way to do this is to commoditise…

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Virtual Appraisal

Virtual Property Appraisals

Written by Eriks Draiska Covid restrictions seem to have complicated our lives across Australia. If you are thinking of selling here’s something to make life easier. What Is A Virtual Appraisal? Simply where a Qualified Real Estate Agent assists in giving you a likely value estimate without physically being present in the property.  Do I Need A Virtual Appraisal? You…

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Which Messaging Platform

Which Messaging Platform To Use

Written by Kareem Tawansi So, we’re now in the roaring twenties, with technology in every aspect of our life; some helps us and some hinder us. And I can’t think of an area where this causes more confusion and uncertainty than, which damn messaging platform do I use? From SMS To Messaging “In the olden days”, we used to just…

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The Cost of Free

What Is The Cost of Free

Written by Kareem Tawansi We have been using internet services (in the form of apps and platforms) without having to hand over any cash, for such a long time now, that we have become addicted to getting stuff for what we believe to be free. The problem is that nothing in life is free and somewhere along the way we…

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What businesses can learn

Facebook’s Media Ban, Lessons To Be Learned

Facebook’s Media Ban Lessons To Be Learned Written by Sophie Richardson At the end of February, media giant Facebook made the decision to remove all news from its platform. A few days later, they reached an agreement with the Australian government, and news content was reinstated. While this quick turnaround is a relief to many, it raises some important considerations…

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Connection and You

How To Keep In Step With Advances In Technology?

Written by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu The rate at which technology is advancing often makes us wonder if we can actually keep up or if we will always be that one version behind. However, what if it is a technology that needs to catch up with us? There is an assumption that being across social media platforms, having the latest tablet or…

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Navigating the labyrinth

Navigating The Labyrinth Of Social Media Platforms

Written by Aida Rejzovic, Sassy Organics The key to social media success is to avoid getting lost in the labyrinth of the many different media platforms. Keep it simple, and focus on how you can use one or two platforms most effectively to increase the visibility of your personal business or brand. Before you set up your social media platforms,…

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How To Amplify

How To Amplify The Energy You Spend Online

Written by Jessa Lewis How do you know where your genius lies in business (and life) when you show up on social media and beyond? In this day and age with hundreds of social media platforms, website options and more – how can you know where you are going to get the most bang for your buck or, know what…

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Science Communicators

How Science Is Utalising Social Media

Written by Grace Conyers People use social media to connect with loved ones, people they admire, and search for and share ideas. Unfortunately for science communicators, social media is full of fast paced entertainment. If it’s not entertaining, most people won’t pay attention to it, let alone engage with the posts. If they aren’t engaged, it’s almost guaranteed they won’t…

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Using Social Media

How To Use Social Media To Help Children Learn

Written by James Burnett Just ‘google it’ is something many parents say to their children every day. Information found online, especially through social media platforms, is often the primary source for kids when preparing school assignments or completing homework. With such a vast array of information and material offered through social media platforms, it can be difficult to navigate all…

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Navigating the Labyrinth

How To Navigate the Labyrinth of Social Platforms

How To Navigate the Labyrinth of Social Platforms Written by Joe Zhou Social media has taken over our everyday lives. It’s as if you’re ‘missing out’ if you don’t have at least one, but typically more social media accounts. While social media is a great way to stay in touch with those near and far, is it all that it’s…

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Technology is here to stay

How To Protect Your Technology

Now & For The Future Written by Rachel Allan, marketer, coach, author and mum. Technology has changed the way we manage our life. Most of us have a smartphone in our pocket. Our smartphone is full of apps that manage so many different aspects of your life.  Technology is making our lives easier. It is also moving so fast it…

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Cyberbullying is real!

Know The Reality Of Cyberbullying

Invasive & Impacting Your Kids…Even If You Don’t Know About It… Written by Annette Rose First let’s understand what cyberbullying is – according to the ESafety Commissioner it is the use of technology to bully a person or group with the intent to hurt them socially, psychologically or even physically. I know as the mother of 3 teenagers – 18,…

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Bullying and Cyberbullying

What You Need To Know About Bullying and Cyberbullying

What You Need To Know About Written by Marguerita Cheng Bullying was once considered a normal part of growing up. But name-calling and spreading rumours are more than an unpleasant childhood experience. It’s bullying, and no one should have to endure it. Unfortunately, the rise in technology and smartphones have brought it to a whole new level. According to a…

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Become A Parents Who Knows

Are You A Parent Who Knows What Is Out There?

Written by Vicki Radford Parents usually understand the idea of bullying in the playground, where one child repeatedly mentally intimidates or physically harasses another child, but cyberbullying can be a different story. If you were born before the 1990s, you’ve probably never experienced cyberbullying at school because nothing was online then. Cyberbullying is different from bullying because the bully doesn’t…

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Stay Secure

Keeping Your Family Secure, Online

Internet Safety Written by Annette Rose The online world continues to evolve, especially with the invention of high powered smart devices. There is a lot that the internet has to offer. Life has become smoother, faster, and better all thanks to the virtual space and the solutions that it provides for individuals and families alike. However, the internet also comes…

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The Art To Playing

The Art To Playing And Working Online Safely

Written by Jessa Lewis In this day and age of the internet, social media and smartphones, it can be a tricky line to balance being present in online businesses and, in a position to communicate online with others whilst also considering cyber safety. It’s also too simplistic to just say – don’t go online, show up less online or tell…

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What You Are Telling

What You Are Telling Companies About You

Written by Grace Conyers If I were to ask you to name off all the apps that use your GPS location on your phone, tablets, and computers would you know? Sure, there are your maps, but did you know your email, social media, and even some games use location data? If you have a modern car with a navigation unit…

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Internet Safety Tips

Top 10 Internet Safety Tips

To Keep Families Safe Online Written by Marguerite Cheng The internet is an extraordinary place. Kids, teens, and adults can find joy and countless hours of entertainment day and night. Unfortunately, dangers lurk everywhere, and they’re not always easy to spot. Protecting you and your family when sharing events and pictures, researching reports, or playing games online is crucial. From…

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Fight Technology

4 Hacks To Protect Yourself & Your Family Online

Internet Safety 4 Hacks To Protect Yourself & Your Family Online Written by Victoria Radford Stranger Danger used to be all about making sure kids didn’t talk to strangers on our way home from school or get into anyone’s car just because they were offered a lolly. It seemed easier to understand the idea of a physical person trying to…

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