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Marron avocado and saltbush

Marron, Avocado & Saltbush

Marron avocado and saltbush Marron is a unique species of freshwater crustacean found in the south western parts of Australia, that is highly prized for its taste. Not to be confused with the French word for chestnut! This recipe Marron avocado and saltbush utalises this delicacy and allows it to speak for itself, minus confusing, or interfering tastes. This recipe…

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Wattleseed & Maple Pavlova: A Great Healthy Twist to a Classic

Wattleseed & Maple Pavlova

A Great Healthy Twist To A Classic Wattleseed & Maple Pavlova Written by Kevin Kapusi Starow Taking a classic dessert and changing it up by using maple syrup instead of white sugar, really hits the spot. This recipe is a favourite of mine. It hits the spot if you are looking to avoid white sugar. With the addition of wattleseed,…

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sweet potato chips with sauce in bowl

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Chips Written by Kevin Kapusi Starow We are all searching for that healthier snack option, and who doesn’t love chips? Well here is a healthier option in Sweet Potato Chips, utilising sweet potatoes, oven-baked, not fried. Then add to the mix a tangy sauce containing bush tucker ingredient macadamia nuts, which are so tasty and nutritious. Yes, it…

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