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How to Save Energy at Home 2

How To Save Energy At Home – Part 2

How to Save Energy at Home 2 Written by Ahmad Fraij In April issue, we discussed how to save energy in the heating, cooling and refrigeration appliances and in this issue, we will discuss how to save energy in the laundry, dishwashing machine and in the cooking appliances: Laundry Make sure you have a reasonable amount of laundry to run…

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What is Home Energy Audit and why it is Necessary?

How An Energy Audit Saves Money

Written by Ahmad Fraij  Have you ever heard about a home energy audit? What is it and what does it involve and what are its benefits? In this article, we will explain the home energy audit and why it is necessary to be conducted for any home. A Home Energy Audit Usually Consists Of: Analysis to the energy bills (electricity…

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