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Spelt Cookies

Spelt Chocolate Chip Cookies: A Fun Twist On The Classic

Cookies That The Whole Family Will Love To Eat Spelt Cookies Written by Renata Trebing Cookies are a much-loved favourite for many people. In this recipe, the author has combined the ingredient spelt with another world favorite ingredient, the humble, but ever loved chocolate chip. If you are new to spelt, you might not know that it is an ancient…

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Red Kidney Bean Hummus in blue and white bowl

Red Kidney Bean Hummus

Dips – Red Kidney Bean Hummus Recipe by Tenina Holder Dips are perfect when entertaining guests, as well as being a healthy filler between meals for the kids. Dips are cost-effective and can be part of a well-balanced diet. This recipe for Red Kidney Bean Hummus is a variation of the more traditional Middle eastern Hummus recipe, popular worldwide. Dips…

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