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How to include religious

How to include religious and cultural provisions in my Will?

Written by Wills & Estates Principal Lawyer, Brooke Reardon.  Succession law is more than the transmission of wealth, but also your values, cultural beliefs, and religion. Considering these elements is not only vital for future preparation, but for protecting your wishes and upholding your family’s traditions. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, nearly two thirds of Australians affiliate with a religion. Christianity was…

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Your Wishes Your Way

Your Wishes, Your Way: Charitable Giving in Estate Planning

Written by Principal Lawyer, Brooke Reardon   Did you know that when you are planning your Estate, you can leave a gift to charity? Supporting charities plays an important role in many people’s lives.  If you are a charitable person and want to leave something behind for a charity when you die, you can leave a gift for that organisation in your…

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