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Financial health

How to raise kids that are money-savvy and happy Written by Sonia Gibson Rarely, does money solve a money problem. Money problems are solved by improving financial literacy. You need to have the skill to assess your financial situation and find the source of the problem. More often than not, it’s not a shortage of income (although it’s incredibly common…

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Listening To Your Body

About Money Written by Amanda Cassar What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Did you know that financial stress can cause adverse health conditions?  We are certainly living in difficult times and being overwhelmed can cause stress and anxiety.  But there is help to be had. Living under the cloud of debt and money problems can leave some feeling down, hopeless and…

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What’s new in the world of finance?

Written by Amanda Cassar If the upheaval due to Covid in the past twelve months has shown us anything, it’s that most of us, did not have a plan in place for a pandemic.  And seriously, most of us weren’t alive for the last Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, so the lessons were largely relegated to the past, if not…

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Be More You

Written by Peter Horsfield, as such they are his personal views. Let ‘It’ Go It’s a process Take Care of Yourself Start Now Let ‘It’ Go. The past is dry cement. It’s set. We can’t be changed. It is what it is. The reality is “life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards” Soren Kierkegaard. The challenge…

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Your Wishes, Your Way: Charitable Giving in Estate Planning

Written by Principal Lawyer, Brooke Reardon   Did you know that when you are planning your Estate, you can leave a gift to charity? Supporting charities plays an important role in many people’s lives.  If you are a charitable person and want to leave something behind for a charity when you die, you can leave a gift for that organisation in your…

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How to Discover and Reconnect to Your Core Values

Written by Peter Horsfield If you are willing to own it, you can change it! I know what I have to do, I also know that there’s no getting around it, however procrastination is how I like start my day. I’m still trying to understand why I find such reassurance and motivation by having this process, maybe it’s an echo…

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My Money Free Weekend Challenge

Written by Peter Horsfield We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us Or put another way; Our success is dependent on our decision to choose the activities that will propel us towards our goals compared to those that will hinder us. When I first began savings I set myself a challenge to have a money free…

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Does Your Future Include Buying or Selling a Home

This Year? How to Sell and Buy A Home at the Same Time… Written by Eriks Draiska Every real estate transaction is different in its own way. Some real estate transactions are straight forward, while others are a puzzle and have several hurdles that need to be overcome. One of the trickiest situations that can exist in real estate is when…

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Knowing What you Want

Written by Joe Zhou It’s a New Year, which is the perfect time to set your goals for the future. Even if you’ve done this before, it may be a great time to revisit them because as we all know, our ideas can change. Many people mistakenly think setting goals is too much work or it’s too overwhelming. It doesn’t…

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Top Tips to Save for a Home Deposit or a New Home.

Written by Eriks Draiska, Managing Director of Plaza Real Estate. Being able to save money is vital, whether you intend on paying cash or using a mortgage when you buy. Proof that you pay your financial obligations on time and save money can lead to better loan rates and terms. The ability to pay your bills on time and still…

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The Real Meaning of Wealth

Written By Joe Zhou The definition of “Wealth” on Google dictionary is an abundance of valuable possessions or money. Now in the past, that’s what I used to believe, if I have money to buy a house by the beach, travel anywhere I want whenever I want, buy a nice car, among other things. So for me, at that time…

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What is Wealth – Finance?

Written by Marguerita Cheng Some say wealth is the same as being rich. But being wealthy isn’t only about how much money you have. Like happiness, wealth can have different meanings for different people. It’s more than the money and possessions you accumulate. The quality of life you enjoy is a better representation of wealth than your salary. Instead of…

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