Why Travel Alpine This Summer

Written by Cerise Canon

Travelling to the alpine region during summer may seem counter-intuitive, but there are so many reasons why families should head to the mountains during the sweltering season!

Summer provides the opportunity to view the alpine region with a whole new perspective and experience it in a unique way. With stunning landscapes, plenty of outdoor activities to try, and an opportunity for bonding like no other, we share all the reasons why heading up the mountains should be high on your family bucket list.

View The Landscape From A Different Perspective

Picturesque views and landscapes with mountains layered in the snow is what we envision when thinking of alpine regions; however, summer offers a whole new perspective. Think relaxing waterfalls, serene open green spaces, incredible mountains with an abundance of greenery to behold, and endless fresh air.

Swap The Snow Boots For Hiking Boots

Warmer conditions allow for dry terrain perfect for hiking in. Alpine regions offer extensive hiking trails for aficionados or shorter trails with easy access to views for those who prefer to soak in their surroundings slowly. Once you've got your hiking boots on, get ready for incredible lookouts and lovely picnic spots for the family.

Go For A Ride

Are you an avid cycler? Keen to jump on a mountain bike? The Alpine regions have spectacular riding trails. With trails ranging from highly challenging to leisurely, local information centres can guide you on which trails are suitable for families and individuals based on your experience and preferred level. 

Camp In The Great Outdoors

Take in the landscape like no other by camping amongst the natural landscapes. With many alpine regions offering commercial campgrounds, free camps, and campsites on public lands, you'll be spoilt for choice in these beautiful areas. If camping on the ground isn't your thing, some alpine regions offer tree-top Eco-Glamping!

Head Out On The Water

One thing you can't even imagine during the snow season is cooling off in the crisp water with some family fun water activities!

Alpine regions provide some amazing bodies of water to head out onto for swimming, kayaking, canoeing or paddle-boarding. Speak to the local information centre to find out the best spots for a tranquil dip or water sports fun.

Let The Sunset On You

Unimaginably experience the sunset from atop lookouts offering expansive landscape views. While some areas require a bit of walking for the best sunset views, other alpine regions offer hospitality venues situated in the perfect location for a drink on a deck with the sun setting around you.

Fresh Local Produce At Your Fingertips

The alpine regions are known for their delicious offerings, from slow wining and dining at local vineyards to taste-testing local produce at incredible venues. If sitting back and relaxing isn't your thing, some areas are perfect for catching dinner or heading to the local farmers market, where there is a wide selection of local delicacies.

Why Travel Alpine This Summer Why Travel Alpine This Summer Why Travel Alpine This Summer

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