It’s been a crazy year for just about everyone you talk to; however, Christmas is fast approaching.

Are you ready?  If you are like me the answer is ‘sort of I think’.  

With so much going on and so much focus on being able to reunite with family and friends to celebrate Christmas activities and how to entertain the kids in the holidays, if you are like me you are still sorting out what to buy.  Does this sound like you?

Hopefully, we can inspire you with some last-minute gift ideas to get you organised and take away your shopping stress to let you start celebrating and enjoying the festive season. 

Find the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list this year, no matter your budget. Browse our gift guide to find presents for Mum, Dad, boys, girls, and don’t forget your fur babies!  

1. Best Gifts For Mum

For the Mum, that deserves more ‘me time’

Deluxe Bathtub Caddy Tray


Every mother craves a bit of indulgence and ‘me time.  What better way to show her that you love her than with a Premium Bamboo Bath Tray.  This ultimate bathroom accessory comes with extending sides so it is adjustable, a convenient reading rack for Mum to enjoy that book she hasn’t found the time to get to and a tablet holder, mobile phone tray so Mum has everything at her fingertips.  Just when you think this gift has everything possible they have added a luxury wine glass holder bath caddy to make sure Mum can totally relax in the bathtub like never before. 

Must-Have For The Mum Who Loves To Cook 

IDOO Smart Indoor Garden Starter Kit 



This Smart Gardening Kit for your home kitchen has it all:   It has a smart grow mode that helps Mum successfully grow and harvest her herb garden in her kitchen successfully.  Did I mention it is height adjustable and turns on and off automatically? All that is left for Mum to do is enjoy the fresh herbs always at the ready for when she cooks.

Give the Gift That Keeps Giving 

The Gratitude SideKick Journal  



If your Mum is one of those Mum’s who is happiest when she is organised and decluttered then she will love getting this 66- day daily gratitude journal and mindfulness as a Christmas present to help further develop gratitude and positivity as a habit to enrich her life experience.  It is action-orientated with new learning tools and inspiration every day. Think of this journal as a coach, accountability partner and teacher all in one package

2. Gifts For Dad 

Practical Gift for the Dad who likes to stay connected

3 IN 1 Wireless Charger FDGAO Foldable Wireless Charging Station


If your Dad is always looking for a charger this present could be just what he needs for Christmas. This 3 in 1 wireless charging station can simultaneously charge your apple watch, earphones and mobile phone all at the same time, and in one place.  There is a variety of devices and accessories that this 3 in 1 wireless charging station can look after for your Dad and the added bonus is that with everything in the one place Dad will always know where he can find what he is looking for, and it will be charged and ready to go!  Couldn’t get any better … well it just did! The charging station is also portable as it is foldable and can be positioned and adjusted to a preferred angle.  

A Unique & Versatile Gift Dad Will Wonder How He Ever Did Without

15 IN 1 Camping Survival Multi-Tool


This 15 In 1 Multitool has everything Dad could want when he is camping or even fixing something around the home. No need to carry around a huge toolbox when this multi-tool can fit in Dad’s pocket.  Besides a Hammer, Axe, Nail Claw, Pliers, Regular Pliers, Wire Cutter, Knife, Saw, Serrated Knife, File, Flathead Screwdrivers, Phillips Screwdrivers, Bottle Opener, Stripper this versatile multi-tool comes with a Safety Lock and even a bottle opener for when the job is finished. What more could Dad want for Christmas?

 For the Dad Who Likes to Impress on The BBQ

Global Spice And Sauce Gift Pack


If you are looking for a unique gift for a hard-to-buy-for Dad then you just found it!  With 6 delicious hot sauces and 6 gourmet salts to choose from Dad’s BBQ is about to get a flavour explosion.  This gift set is loaded with hot sauces that include Kenya Fire, Outback Burn, Salsa Caliente, Lone Star, Lava Flow and Bourbon Pepper. Season with Dad’s choice of salts that include pink and chilli salt, curry, thyme, rosemary and garlic.  Dad is now ready to wow family and friends with his culinary skills on the BBQ this holiday season.  Just wrap it up, and this gift set is good to go!

 3. Gifts for Boys

All aboard for fun and learning

Electronic Musical Bus Toy

1-3 -year-old


If you are looking for an early educational toy that surprises and delights your toddler you have found your Christmas gift.  Great for creativity, fine motor skill development, music and movement.  This toy helps your toddler to become more active and engaged as they follow the sound and movement  

A Gift He Will Love That Is Interactive And Fun 

Stem Educational Robot 




Get ready to dance, sing, speak and walk with voice and touch control.  This AT Robot is built to encourage the development of language skills while being a fun playmate and companion.   

A Must-have For Your Adventure Seeker 

Amphibious Remote Control Stunt Car   



If you have a special boy in mind that has a great imagination and is keen on an adventure then this present is sure to impress this Christmas.  This gift is great for both indoor and outdoor play, limited only by the stunts that he wants to try.  This toy is both rechargeable and durable to ensure hours of fun.

4. Gifts For Girls

Give that special girl the gift of creativity this Christmas 

Hollywood Hair Extension Maker



Inspiration is endless with this cool hair extension gift set.  That special girl in your life will get everything they need to start getting creative with how-to videos to show them how to get started. This gift set comes in a beautiful bag, is portable and is ready for that next sleepover or girls day out. A great way to keep the girls occupied during the holiday break and so affordable.

The gift that is sure to delight and surprise again and again

Electronic Pet Dog Interactive Puppy 



Just think of the look on her face when she unwraps her own electronic interactive puppy. This new companion is house trained, walks, barks and makes other fun sounds with a bump and go feature built-in for ongoing fun and games..

Let her express herself and explore her creative side

Water Doodle Mat 

1-3 -year-old

SP AU Direct


The Water Doodle Mat gives your toddler a blank canvas to express themselves like never before. A great way for your little one to communicate with you and their friends -  When they draw on the mat the magic will remove the drawing in 3 to 10 minutes. Using the mat is a great way to give your toddler an alternate place to draw instead of over furniture and across walls keeping them occupied and entertained.

5. Gifts For Fur Babies

The purrrfect Christmas present 

Mouse Shape Interactive Moving Automatic Robotic



You cannot forget your pets at Christmas can you?  How would you kitten or cat love a remote control mouse to sharpen its hunting instincts and entertain it for hours. There is nothing worse than a bored cat as we all know how much trouble they can get into. The cool thing about this remote control mouse is its interactive fur tail that will capture your cat’s attention 

An affordable way to keep your dog groomed

Fluffy Puffy Pets Dog Face And Paw Trimmer


Do you find your dog often gets messy around the face and paws in between cuts?   This Dog Face And paw Trimmer makes dog grooming easy for getting into all those difficult areas like ears eyes and feet.  This portable solution is low noise so easy to use without upsetting your dog or making them nervous. This Christmas give your dog the gift of comfort over the holiday season, not to mention that shorter hair will keep them cool. 

Dog Toy For Aggressive Chewers

Gold Roc


Is your puppy or more mature dog a chewer?  This Christmas give your dog a popsicle chew toy for hours of fun to give aggressive chewers something to gnaw.   This toy integrates many functions such as cooling and quenching-thirst, grinding and cleaning teeth, and improving intelligence.  Your dog will love you if he wakes on Christmas morning and finds this in his stocking.

Now that you are in the Christmas spirit it is time to start planning for Christmas. This will help you seize the moment so you can enjoy the festive season and create new memories and traditions.  

Remember an important part of your planning should include taking time for you and spending quality time with your family 

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