4 Ways To Take Charge

4 Ways To Take Charge

Written by Susie Taaffe

Blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between. But why? I say if you want to wear blue and green together then go for it! I’ll always remember a gymnastics coach I had when I was about 7 or 8 commenting on my choice of a red leotard with pink bike pants. I think I was just way ahead of my time! Red and pink together is a total vibe. The point is - you, do you. Don’t play it safe due to a fear of standing out. Write your own rules.

I must say my fashion game has slowly evolved over time. It started with bright bold lipstick and enormous sunglasses. Then I added neck-breaking high heels to my rotation. Next came along my earring obsession. Let your confidence with fashion and style build over time. What is something you have always wanted to try? I remember a friend saying to me – I get so nervous applying bright lipstick. Yes, it was daunting at first but after a while it just became normal. Now I can reapply the brightest lipstick with my eyes closed.

Passionate Personal Style

So, let’s take charge of our lives starting with our own personal style! The beauty of life is that everyone is so different. I love using style to show who I am. I can also change what I want to show off myself. One day I might want to feel cute and the next day drop dead sassy. Our personal style enables us to express ourselves on another level. Do you know what your style is? A good place to start is by outfits that make you FEEL a certain way.

I have a motto I live by. You put on clothes every day so they might as well be fabulous! I also swear by comfort. I want to look amazing but also feel amazing both inside and out. Any clothes that don’t make you feel this way need to go. Immediately! So let us begin on your personal style journey here.

1. Work Your Wardrobe

Do you feel like your wardrobe brings you joy? Who is really in charge here? If you have put the same top on time after time and something doesn’t feel or look right, then grow a pair and throw it out!!! No more Mr Nice Guy!!! No more – oh but I might wear it one day!!! You do not deserve this. Even if it’s new – don’t keep it. You deserve to feel amazing in your clothes. If it still has tags on it or has only been worn once you can sell, swap or donate it.

My preference is to donate it to Dress for Success my favourite clothing charity. It helps disadvantaged women with clothes so they can attend job interviews and have work outfits. For me there is no better gift than helping another woman out to achieve her independence. Another idea is to get a few friends together and swap your clothes. You know the saying – one (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure! Take charge of your life. You are the boss here, so goodbye old clothes, hello new me!

Now let us look at what outfits you have kept. I really want you to notice the feelings that each one evokes. Who do you feel like when you wear them? A strong and confident powerhouse? Or lovely soft and cuddly mummy? I believe we need outfits that can convey a range of our emotions. Some days we need strong and bold and other days soft and feminine. We also definitely need our comfy lounge wear but that doesn’t mean it has to be old and tattered. I value myself enough to refresh my loungewear regularly so that l always feel (mostly) presentable. It lifts my own self-worth plus the percentage of times I drop my kids to school wearing it, lowers the chance of a breakdown!

2. Breakdown Your Barriers

I want you to think of something you’ve wanted to try. Something you say, ‘oh it looks great on her, but I could never wear that. Why not? Take charge of your life and fearlessly give it a go. Maybe you’re right but maybe you’re not. Don’t wake up when you’re 80 and wish you’d had more tries. Instead, look back and admire how you always had a go. Start small if you need to. A medium shade of pink lipstick, some mid-level heels, a scarf around your head or a statement bag. Then slowly find your way around what brings you joy. Afterwards, you can add layer upon layer to your personal style and really embody the real you. Let it marinate on each level and then get bolder to try the next level. You will end up having an absolute ball upping your game each time. It will also help solidify your relationship with yourself. Build your own confidence within. You should be your own greatest cheerleader. Plus, don’t be afraid to ask for some help along the way.

3. Ask for Help

We all have that friend who finds it effortlessly easy to dress and look amazing. Get her help! Everyone knows what is best for themselves but often will have suggestions and tips to help you curate a style that screams you! Sometimes a friend will also be better at luring you out of your shell as they see you as your best self. Without the insecurities that plague literally everyone. Take her shopping and let her choose what you try on. Don’t question it, just take a chance. Worst case it just goes back on the rack. Not a big deal. The chance you find some new looks goes through the roof as she won’t be playing it safe. Our friends want the best for us, let them try!

4. Hello New You

So, say hello to new fantastic outfits and a totally new you. You deserve them and to feel amazing every day! Wear the lipstick, use your fancy crystal glasses, find some high heels that totally rock! Then buy them in multiple colours! Get that cool leather jacket you’ve always wanted, jump out of a plane - anything to make you feel alive. This is your life. Own the heck out of it. Then you will look back when you are 80 and think wowser, I really made a fabulous splash and had the most fun-filled passionate life!

4 Ways To Take Charge 4 Ways To Take Charge 4 Ways To Take Charge

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