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How To Find Your Passion

Written by Sally Kellett, professional meditation teacher “You are so lucky you have found your passion, I still don’t know what mine is” This is one of the most common things people say to me as they see me passionately pursuing a life in practising and teaching mindfulness. The next line I then get asked is…. “How do I find…

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Is providing VALUE the same as giving LOVE?

Written by Claire Dunkley from Cluzie Clinic I run a holistic health clinic and academy to train other health practitioners. A lot of how I run my business is based on different experiences I have personally had that have tainted or influenced my decision on what experience I want my clients to feel. Below I have shared two experiences with…

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How to show leadership in a post-covid world

Written by Natasha Zervaas N.P. The people from the State of Victoria have spent more time under unprecedented lockdown rules this year than they have had ‘free’ time, particularly in the Melbourne Metropolitan areas. The face of business, our physical, mental and spiritual health have been forever changed through the experiences of this year.  Family units have broken down, jobs…

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How To Love Your Brain

Written by Connie Rogers is a Certified Coach & Published Author. My passion as a certified brain health coach has been to teach people how to love their brain. The brain is the most important organ in our body. Our brain controls every thought and action we have. This includes sleep, digestion, memories, speech, movement, and more. But most importantly,…

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How to be a leader in your community for the betterment of others

Written by Phillipa Brown When you think of who your leaders are in your community, who comes to mind? Is it your local or federal politician, a religious leader, an executive or CEO of the company you work for, or do you think about a parent, friend or neighbour? There is no wrong answer here. All of these people are…

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Overcoming Loneliness

How Volunteering May Help Written by Dr Melissa Keogh, Clinical Psychologist, B.A. (Hons), D.Psych (Clinical) The Australian Loneliness Report conducted in 2018 revealed that 1 in 4 Australians experience problematic levels of loneliness. Which begs the question – what exactly is loneliness? Loneliness Loneliness can be defined as a subjective feeling of social isolation and distress whereby one’s personal need…

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Considering mental health

Written by Brady Walker According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), mental health is “a state of well-being in which every individual realises his or her potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and can make a contribution to her or his community.” The issue of mental health is not new; far from…

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10 reasons how organic food creates more value for others!

Written by Adriana Kreuger Written by Organic products are becoming more and more popular these days, because more and more people are consciously paying attention to their diet. Organic food comes from ecologically controlled cultivation. They must neither contain genetically modified organisms nor have they been treated with synthetic pesticides or artificial fertilizers (i.e. chemical-synthetic nitrogen compounds). They also contain…

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Beware the sting of summer

Written by Suzana Talevski The warmer months are a great time for outdoor adventures with your pet and making memories in the great outdoors are priceless moments to treasure for ever. Many people would be aware of the dangers snakes pose to curious canines but there is a smaller creature that has the potential to do almost as much harm to…

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Relaxing into a Heartful Gratitude Practice

Gratitude and our Brain Written by Carolyn King We have all heard about how practicing gratitude can reduce stress and increase happiness, but did you also know that being more grateful physically changes the molecular structure of the brain?  The importance of gratitude is often written about.  Feeling grateful for the body you are in, or the house you live…

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How to Build Energy Efficient House

Written by Ahmad Fraij Building a new house is a major investment for most of us and therefore, you need to make it right from the design stage until the builder hand it over to you. On contrary to buying a house that is already built, in which you have to deal with the equipment and systems that are already…

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Travelling East Africa: Independent versus Group Tour

Written by Tracy Bell Quietly considering myself a “seasoned traveller”, in June 2010 I packed my backpack and headed off to Africa for the adventure of a lifetime.  Family and friends told me I was out of my mind and requested I join a tour.  But I had already backpacked the USA, Europe, and worked as a tour leader in…

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