8 Super goal setting Techniques

8 Super goal setting Techniques

Written by Donna Cameron

After 18 months of rules and regulations that you never thought would have happened, it is time to get out of the activewear, dust off the good outfits, and open your eyes to the future ahead.    

A new year is coming, so it is time to make your life bright again and maybe even add some sparkle to it. The end of the year is a chance to reflect on achievements you made over the year and to focus on your goals and dreams for the next lap around the sun. Turning the last few pages of the diary and seeing December appear, gives that little nudge to remind us that time is moving forward. Even if the time behind has been difficult, there is a new page every day and a new book every year.

Goal setting is a way to identify dreams and ambitions and to feel that life is in your control.  Take your dreams and do what you can to make them your reality. The last couple of years have been tough on most, and it is hard to make a comeback feeling disappointed, fatigued and knocked down, but it is after these times that it is most important that you do.  

A life without ambitions and goals can feel like a life without direction.  It can cause the feeling of groundhog day and can take the spark out of a person.   Goal setting helps motivate us and is great for our mental health.

Goal setting is different for everybody.  Some people like to set long term ambitious goals that take a lot of time and energy, while others prefer to have small achievements to aim for.  It doesn’t matter how large or small the goal is, all of them are important to give you a sense of purpose and to motivate you to focus on the future. 

Goals can be private or public.  They can be for yourself or for your business.  The important thing is to make sure you are setting the right goals for yourself, and that you are setting yourself up for success, not failure.

Setting the Perfect Goal

1. Be Specific: Have one goal for one concept.  Be clear in your objectives and in your description of what you want to achieve.

2. Write it down: Make a list of your goals and the steps needed to achieve each one. Ticking the small tasks off as you go will keep you motivated for the larger ones. Writing it down will keep you accountable.

3. Measure it: How will you know when you have met your goal? Have a way to measure your achievement.

4. Break bigger goals into smaller tasks: Larger goals may mean that you have to set smaller steps to achieve them.  It is important to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of the smaller goals as you go along.  Doing this will keep you on track and make that larger goal more achievable.

5. Setbacks don’t mean failure: See setbacks as just a need to reassess.  Maybe a step is missing - maybe the end goal needs to be readjusted slightly. Take a moment, step away and rethink the end goal. This might be different with the adjustments and that is ok.

6. Celebrate your successes along the way: Small achievements are as important to celebrate as is reaching the end goal.

7.  Timeframes can change: Life is always changing and as much as we would love to know what is ahead, we often don’t.  If something in your life needs to take priority and takes time away from working towards your goal, this doesn’t mean that all has to be forgotten forever.  Push pause for a moment and remember to come back to it when you are ready.

8. Tall poppy syndrome: Don’t be discouraged by others. Taking risks, having dreams and making changes is important to you and what you want for your life.  Other people may not be ready to tackle change and may attempt to put their fears and negativities onto you.  Remember it is your life and your decision so stand strong and don’t give in.

As the year comes to an end, take the time to reflect on what you did achieve in the year that was, even if with all the lockdowns.  They might feel like small achievements but it is still important to see the time as not wasted.  We don’t get this time back and life’s obstacles will continue to happen without our consent!  

Take the time to reflect and then let your beautiful mind focus on the future. Turn the page on the new journal and start letting the thoughts flow again. Set your goals, your intentions, your dreams and get ready to make the next year a fantastic one.

8 Super goal setting Techniques 8 Super goal setting Techniques 8 Super goal setting Techniques 8 Super goal setting Techniques

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