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Meet June Wilton (Noni Hazlehurst from Ladies in Black, The Sullivans, Playschool) – mother, grandmother, successful businesswoman, wife, family matriarch and nursing home resident following a series of strokes five years early that left her with rapid dementia.

Make no mistake, June Again tackles some discomforting themes such as dementia, ageing and when to put your loved ones into nursing care. As well as family dynamics, identity, first love, the power of memory and nostalgia. However, it is a heart-warming comedy with authentic Australian characters set in Australian suburbia.

Much to everyone’s amazement, June’s pre-stroke memory returns overnight and despite Doctor’s orders to stay put, she quickly escapes the nursing home and re-enters the lives of her adult children – Ginny (Claudia Karvan of True History of the Kelly Gang, Star Wars Episode II and III) and Devon (Stephen Curry – Hounds of Love, The Castle).

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However, much has changed and the lives she planned for them is not going according to plan! With limited time before her dementia returns, she sets about putting everything and everyone back on track, including the retrieval of some beloved furniture her children sold after they put her in the nursing home. So begins a road trip with some surprising twists and turns.

Rated M (it contains some swearing), it is written and directed by JJ Winlove and runs about 99 minutes. The film was shot over 20 days in Sydney’s North Shore – mostly Roseville, Willoughby and Terrey Hills.

The Wellington (NZ) born JJ may also be known for 12:12, an anthology of twelve films made over twelve months, or the award-winning very very short film about a news-reading leaf called The Falling. Expect 8.5/10 or higher from IMDb reviewers once they go live.

The film also stars Uli Latukefu (Alien, Covenant, Young Rock, Doctor Doctor), Nash Edgerton (stunts in for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), Darren Gilshenan (Never Too Late, How to Stay Married), Pip Edwards (Home and Away) and an almost scene-stealing Paisley Motum as Olive.

Spoiler alert, pocket a hankie as June Again leaves you with happy tears and a warm happy feeling. And, should you be inspired to redecorate, look up Publisher Textiles (www.publishertextiles.com.au), whose stunning wallpaper factory is featured in the film.

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