ReFRESHingly Different

Written by Ana Jones

It is not a rom-com, a horror, dark comedy or a satire... Fresh is actually a little difficult to plug into a single genre and that is just the first striking thing about this original movie, currently exclusive
to Disney+. Think Wes Craven's original A Nightmare on Elm Street meets Single White Female and you may be somewhere close to pinning Fresh down. One thing is for sure, it is a ready-made cult classic!

Londoner, Daisy Edgar-Jones (TV's War of the Worlds and Silent Witness) plays Noa, a disillusioned dater who has been using every app she can get her hands on to find the right partner. Her chance encounter with Steve (Avengers, Captain America and 355's Sebastian Stan), in the fresh produce isle of the supermarket, changes all that as she is caught off-guard by his charm and straightforward nature.

The whirlwind romance sees Noa and Steve connecting on every level and Noa dismisses the red flags that slowly appear. He has no social media presence, he doesn't want to meet her best friend or any of her friends for that matter.

Now, don't tune out – this is not a Hallmark romance. The director switches the whole dynamic of the movie here and the actors deliver what follows seamlessly! In the space of a few minutes, we find ourselves in a satirical horror, akin to Evil Dead... but without as much blood.

You will not see what is coming, Noa certainly didn't! But it starts when Steve whisks Noa off for a weekend away and she finds herself in a living nightmare.

Be prepared to be disturbed, then throw in some witty lines and a touch of horror, just to be disturbed all over again. However, like a true cult classic, you can't help but keep watching and are happy to be
shocked repeatedly as each scene plays out.

Rated R18+ (in short, it is not appropriate for children in any shape or form!), it was filmed in Canada in early 2021 and written by Lauryn Kahn. Fresh runs for about 1 hour 54 minutes. IMDb is giving it a 6.7/10
but that will rise at least one point as its audience finds it.

Fresh debuted at the 2022 Sundance Festival and is Mimi Cave's feature directorial debut. She brings Kahn's dark and satirical script to the screen, pairing the film with an eclectic soundtrack – experimental pop and R&B, intertwined with electronic dance music.

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ReFRESHingly Different ReFRESHingly Different

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