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Written by Connie Rogers & Kevin Kapusi Starow

Our interview this issue features Connie Rogers, an amazing woman who has been writing for us over the past year, and has a passion for health, hers, yours and mine, both body and mind. The selfless and beautiful human is determined to make a difference in this world, and I am thankful that we have crossed paths.

We hope you enjoy this mini interview with an inspirational woman that is making an impact throughout the world for everyone.

1- Can you tell us a little about yourself, like what do you do?

I’m a Certified Integrative Nutritional Holistic Health Coach, and Certified Brain Health Coach, Reiki Master, Mother. Certified Cosmetologist, Natural Wellness Blogger for several online websites, Ambassador of Wellbeing, Published Author, and Speaker.

I support individuals in creating lifestyle habits that last a lifetime. My expertise lies in non-pharmaceutical applications to chronic illnesses for endocrine, metabolic, brain and skin health. My programs include trashing toxins, making peace with your gut. Prevent age stealers, and creating metabolic changes for a healthy weight and brain function. 

I  believe health and wellness are established with proper nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness. Taking a natural and holistic, common sense approach to rebuilding well-being from the ground up. My passion is helping clients take simple, daily ‘bite size steps’ toward wellness.  My websites are:  and  

2- Why do you do what you do, and do you enjoy it?

I love what I do, and believe when our job is not a chore we are happier. I’m passionate about encouraging and inspiring people to take charge of not only their physical health but their mental health. (Because physical health is mental health.) That’s why I wrote my book, Path to a Healthy Mind & Body. I’ve come across hundreds that are taking 4 or 5 designer medications that don’t stop their suffering. They feel like no one is listening or no one cares. Percentages of children with obesity and diabetes are growing at an exponential rate and parents are at a loss. 

That’s where I come in. I am your support system and road map. Together, we discover the root causes of those challenges, and together we witness that aha moment when healing begins. We are all on this scenic journey we call life together, and our choices pave that road. 

I believe, when we listen to our gut instincts and sincerely want our health to take a different path, it will. Also, I believe the body has an innate ability to heal itself.

3- Where were you Born?

I grew up in the New York and Southern California. Most of my early memories we were playing in the forests picking apples from the apple orchards and blackberries from the vines. I’ve even built my own tree house.

4- What did you want to be when you were a child?

A grown up! I believe I am an old soul, and wanted to be in the beauty industry, and somehow I knew this at a very young age. I practiced on my sisters and eventually opened a day spa.

5- Are you passionate about food?

My passion for food is rather broad. I believe, our gut hears and listens to everything we do. With that said, I include aromas, emotions, and visual stimulation from Mother Nature’s table, when I teach about healing foods.

Cooking is an art, a dance through the world rich in colors, textures, sweet and pungent, with seemingly infinite possibilities. There’s a silent joy in preparing a meal that tantalizes taste buds, and I hear the ooh’s and ah’s from others dining with me.  

My educating empowers me to help as many people as possible become aware of the impact of commercial food production on unsuspecting families, on society, and on our external environment. For instance, industrial/commercially fed cattle are pumped with antibiotics, pesticides, and hormones.  They’re fed toxic waste, candy, and chicken poop. Huge corporations focused on their bottom line, and lace our food with destructive chemicals, and herbicides.

One herbicide, in particular, is Glyphosate. Studies show Glyphosate harms our intestinal microbiota. Corporations seem to possess a hidden agenda that’s similar to the matrix.  It’s crazy making!

So yes, I’m passionate about food and passionate about de-programming people from the food industry ad campaigns.

6- What do you like to eat, is there a favourite?

My favourite foods include ginger and turmeric root, real coconut milk, flax seeds, raw almond butter, apples, kale, spinach, seaweed, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, avocados, and berries. (all organic of course) I enjoy vegan wraps made on collard leaves or nori sheets.

7- There is a growing problem centred on unhealthy eating, poor food choices, and the lack of exercise. Why do you think we have such a problem, in particular with children?

I believe we’ve been fed destructive thinking patterns surrounding foods. 

(For instance this was an eye opener for me.) I’ve had a child confide in me after a presentation I gave in his high school on ‘sugar blues’ that he never ate a real chicken, only chicken nuggets. Plus, children came into the class at 7:30am with sodas and donuts for breakfast. 

In my opinion, we’ve disconnected from the old ways of doing things and lost our minds about health-minded living. 

We’ve afraid of playing outdoors in the sunshine. We haven’t embraced the fact that food feeds our brains and our 50+ trillion cells or that children can’t learn on a diet of sugary foods. We’ve forgotten good gut microbiome is the seed to health, including brain health. We’ve adapted fast and easy food choices and diet products that don’t nourish, and so we’ve become emotionally and physically addicted and malnourished at the same time.  We suffer from depression -so we believe it must be in our family genes.

We have a lottery ticket mentality, and our child has received a diagnosis, so now what?  The ticket says you’ve won! Obesity, cancer, diabetes, ADD, OCD or IBS. Some win and some lose when it comes to good health, right? 

No, no, no, not at all. What about building the foundation of wellness? There are several key reasons for this growing problem. Time is one. 

After work, we may spend way too much time zoning out using video games, TV or alcohol. We spend time searching the internet instead of reading books. We want fast and easy, so we don’t dine together. We socialize over a text and live on stress. Cooking, or preparing food in the kitchen, has become a lost art.  

Holistically, this approach lacks the fundamental understanding of how the human body thrives on nourishing foods, loving and nourishing relationships, sunshine, exercise, and sleep. ……And NOT Prozac.

8- If you can pass on any advice to parents, regarding having children eat healthy options, what would that advice be?

Be the example, stress-less and plan ahead when it comes to feeding your children.  Ditch fast foods that ultimately makes children sick, tired, fat, and depressed.

Children learn mostly from what we do more than what we say. If parents find it easy to snack on a bowl of veggies and fruits with delicious flax seed crackers, kids would join in. If pure, clean filtered water is the drink of choice in your home, there would be no harmful sodas or processed liquid sugary juices found there. If we eat boxed cereals and Oreo cookies that are notorious for making us fat, we can expect obesity.

When we stress-less, children will do the same. Remember as parents or as caregivers; we create the environment our kids live in.

9- What are the 5 things you could not live without, other than body parts?

I call it things that build frequency. They include sunshine, plants that grow in sunshine, loving relationships (friends), clean air, and an abundance of clean water.

10- How do you relax, with such a hectic lifestyle?

I love long walks on the beach, taking challenging hikes in the mountains and snow skiing. I enjoy spending time to reflect within, being conscious of my breath, and my mind, to settle down to a quiet state. You don’t have to be a Yogi to meditate. Meditation can be achieved most anywhere. Believe it or not, I also love to write a good story. That’s relaxing to me.

11- You have experienced a lot of success thus far, so what is next for you?

I’m working on finishing my third book as well as completing a new cookbook. I’m hopeful and putting it out to the universe that I will be picked up by a publishing agent. 

I’ve had some people suggest I consider starting my own lunch/juice bar with my special combinations of well-power foods. I’ve actually created meals that are based on individual needs such as weight, circulation, and central nervous system challenges.

Wow that was a lot to digest, I hope you got a lot out of this interview, we are so grateful for Connie’s passion. We will all be looking forward to your new book, and new articles in the next issue.

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