Written by Norma Wainwright

I always listen with politeness whenever people say “What made you live in Wyndham and whatever made you stay”? While others say much more than that in a quite derogatory manner. That's when I blow my stack and begin to wave my banner

I tell them why I lived there, how it became my home, my place. How I loved the laid back living, the huge open space. How everybody knew each other, how life was calm and settled. Of course some days things bubbled over with tempers raised and nettled.

I was twenty one and married and we had a baby son. My husband had a job to do, a contract he had won. We travelled in a truck to Wyndham on a long dusty road.  All our worldly goods were with us piled high in Gypsy mode

So far from all the friends we'd made, we'd have to start a new. With a fragile life, our baby son to care for, my apprehension grew. We'd be living in a canvas tent that was ninety miles from town. But knowing there was help in Wyndham, I began to settle down

Years later I wrote our story of life quite often rough. So I'm not about to tell it here but we sometimes did it tough. Suffice to say that Wyndham played her part. And I value all the years we spent there almost from the start

The first three years were hard and hot with no electricity in town. My kitchen had a wood burning stove which often got me down. With Wyndham rated second in the world with constant humid heat. The days and weeks and months went by on aching swollen feet

The kids were often cranky and life seemed doom and gloom. Then we built a house all shiny and new with fans in every room. We installed a large new power plant and proudly got it going. And every day I couldn't wait to see those fans all blowing

So now with life much easier and housework just a breeze. A washing machine and all mod cons my work was done with ease. Our lives had blossomed and indeed had flourished. Refreshed,  renewed and socially nourished

We invited friends for dinner, had games nights, with guests to share. our life as a whole new ball game with laughter everywhere. Wyndham town had welcomed us though I hadn't really known it. My discontent was fleeting, my life mapped out, I really hadn't blown it.

We lived there thirty four years but didn't travel far. We can visit there whenever we like, 100 kilometres by car. I'm happy where I am right now but don't forget the past. My memories of all those years are fresh and built to last

For Wyndham is no different from townships anywhere. It has a lot of history that anyone can share. It can look a little careworn but everyone you meet. has found a home and solace, he's the man, woman and child in the street

(Poem, Poem, Poem)

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