The Matrix IV

The Matrix IV

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The Matrix IV

Make no mistake, the latest instalment of the Matrix franchise is nothing more than a lacklustre love story. Admittedly, it bases itself on the notion that we all have one true love and may spend a lifetime, or two looking for it. But that is not what we have come to expect from these films, so the whole movie simply falls flat. Throw in recreations of fight scenes from previous Matrix movies, way too many flashbacks and you have The Matrix Resurrections.

Keanu Reeves reprises his role as Thomas Anderson/Neo and simply looks tired – which would explain his creatively blocked Anderson character in the matrix, but not the passionate, energetic and unplugged Neo. Carrie-Anne Moss also returns as ‘Tiffany’ (Trinity), and without giving away anything – finally comes into her own!

The best performance goes to Jonathan Groff (who plays Smith). With a close second from Neil Patrick Harris (The Analyst) and Jessica Henwick as Bugs (ok, second’s).

Directed by Lana Wachowski (without sister Lily Wachowski this time around), this is not a family-friendly film as it has some disturbing scenes – such as human ‘bombs’ plummeting to the ground. If you liked The Matrix, or even just a little bit The Matrix Reloaded or The Matrix Revolutions – wait for the streaming version.

It runs 2 hours and 28 minutes, is M rated and is distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures. IMDb reviewers give it a 5.4/10. Please let us know if you agree!

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The Matrix IV

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