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asparagus and cress soup with charred bread

Creamy Asparagus & Watercress Soup

Either consume this soup hot or cold, it can be enjoyed either way, the combination of fresh ingredients allows the flavour to be enjoyed either way. Creamy Asparagus & Watercress Soup brings together not only healthy ingredients but rather ingredients that are packed full of power. The vitamins and health benefits of asparagus and watercress are enormous, not to mention…

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cress salad on wooden board

Asparagus and Cress Salad

If you are on the lookout for new and exciting salad recipe ideas, here is a winner, just for you. Asparagus and Cress Salad certainly ticks many of the boxes, especially if you are looking for a plant-based salad option, which is not part of the ordinary. I need to add a caveat here though, this is a recipe only…

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grilled asparagus and leeks on white platter

BBQ Baby Leek & Asparagus

This BBQ Baby Leek & Asparagus recipe is based upon a traditional recipe from the Spanish cuisine cookbook. The sauce used is better known as sauce romesco, which is a staple in Spanish cuisine. This recipe is perfect as an accompaniment to an alfresco dining experience, or as a side dish for a more substantial course. If you have chosen…

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