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spiced & cooked chicken thigh

Spiced Sumac Chicken

If you are a chicken lover and are not averse to spice, and I am not talking about chilli spice, but the more general spices. Then this is the recipe for you, Spiced Sumac Chicken is a combination of spices including sumac and paprika, that when combined. Help to create an amazing flavour experience, the family will love, with its…

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fattoush salad in wooden plate

Fattoush Salad

How can you not love a crisp fresh salad, and this is a traditional favourite Fattoush Salad. Typically it is like a garden salad on steroids, with the crisp of the toasted bread, the mint and the sumac. Instantly you have an amazing flavour explosion in your mouth, which is sure to impress even the harshest critique. The Fattoush Salad…

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