Considering, You, your family, your activity needs and your dog

Written by Jay Anderson

So often life is busy.

We are “doing this” and “doing that”, going here, going there. The focus on life can sometimes be on the daily routines; off to school, off to work, get home-take the kids here, or there.....get home again, shower, bath, homework, dinner. Bed. 

Are you finding time for exercise? Couple-time? Maybe even friend-time? What about parent-child relationship time..... Or family time? What about the extended family? The "rellies".....

Relationships are important in life. And we are "social beings"......part of a group - a family group, an extended family, a community..... Where does self -care ....the "me" time fit?

One friend I have said it like this...."we are human BEINGS! Not human DOINGS! It really is worth reflecting on. Not just reading and moving on. But, really......thinking about that. How often do you take time out? Time out from work, from house work, from chores and tasks?  Is physical activity a regular part of your day?

Do you ride, swim or run? Maybe it's team sports? Or the gym? Maybe you head off for a walk or to yoga.......perhaps you do a few stretches at home. Whatever it is , think about whether that is how it should be, or whether you need to make a firm commitment for more... So often our life is moving from one thing to another. It's not often that we stop and take a break

Lots of our life revolves around the computer and our phones. The internet, emails, and social media. Sure, there's been some benefits. But have a think about what might have changed in your life.

Do you chat with your partner and kids in the evenings? Just notice how many of you are on "devices" and what impact that might have. Think of the missed opportunities.....the things you didn't see, the times you could have discussed "that" more. Or even just "sat quietly"....

What about your dog? Do you spend time with your dog? Does your dog get “out and about” regularly – I would say “daily” as almost an essential for every dog.  Ok, some breeds, they don’t need much exercise, and other breeds need more. But think about it this way…..would you cope being stuck inside 4 walls every day? (that’s the yard….) many dogs just don't get a daily walk – an opportunity to be free, to explore, too sniff and discover. It’s a chance to be alive, to really experience life…… I find it really helps to change your perspective on what you need and what your dog needs.  And to prioritise that as significant for the start of every day.  Whether it is a 20 minute walk or a 30 minute bike ride, or a one hour activity.  Consider it important for you, and for your dog.  Then, reflect on what is currently happening and see how things could improve.  Maybe you and the kids take turns.  Maybe on the weekend, you all get out to a park together.  Have a think about what you can do to “get out and about” this week!

Taking a break Taking a break

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