Written by Connie Rogers

As humans, home is where we evolve and have the opportunity to improve our health. Home includes our internal environment (gut microbiome) and our outdoor environment (the air we breathe). It’s the whole picture of what we need to consider when advocating for a less toxic planet. It’s understanding the impact of toxic exposures in, on, and around us leaving the environment in a stressed state unable to repair itself.

When we minimize environmental toxins, we minimize internal disease and pollution. This, in turn, means our own body can heal when we first become less destructive to our planet!

There Are Side-Effects From Toxic Exposures

1) All sickness is related to a pandemic of toxins in one form or another. We know this because 97% of all disease, including diabetes, is caused by chemicals, pesticides and big agriculture companies creating nutrient deficient foods and poisons that pollute our waterways.

2) We were lied to. For years we believed in myths and fairytales such as GMO’s feed the world, or the more massive the farm, the more food it produces, and so it is a good thing! But, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know these false statements are there to confuse the masses.

Things That Pollute Our World Inside And Out

Wheat Farms rely on synthetic fertilizers and synthetic pesticides that drain and pollute our soil, disrupt our gut microbiome, harm our digestive system, immune system, skeletal system and central nervous system.

Indoor Bioaerosols, airborne pathogens, from human skin to chemical pollutants, have been revealed to cause specific diseases, such as gastrointestinal illnesses. Bioaerosols cause climate change.

Eat foods that aren’t packaged in plastic. (BPAs) Plastic chemicals from BPAs are absorbed in our foods and drinks. Exposure affects cognition, and gut microbiome causing metabolic and inflammatory issues. Additionally, polyester clothing is not environmentally friendly. These products pollute our land and waterways. For example, fleece microfibers are released into the environment after washing and drying clothes. These chemically treated plastics are absorbed through our skin harming our endocrine system and digestive system.

Cooking in aluminium and Teflon pots and pans found in most restaurants contaminate the foods we eat. In the last few years, we have seen an increase in aluminium in our diet and our environment. These products disrupt our endocrine system, including our skin and the gut microbiome. Avoid cooking methods that harm your health and purchase glass or stainless steel cookware.

Stores have been popping up everywhere having their focus on selling junk for less. Profits before consciousness! Shopping at stores that sell massive amounts of chemicals makes it difficult to breathe while you are there. The toxic side effects stay with you when you leave. These hormone-disrupting chemicals are dangerous & hazardous pollutants to our health and planet. There’s no other way around it, toxic shopping environments kill.

Red meat is found harmful to gut health and increases metabolic disorders.  According to a book from the Union of Concerned Scientists called The Consumer's Guide to Effective Environmental Choices, meat consumption is the second most environmentally expensive consumer activity, behind transportation. Making one pound of beef for the table creates 17 times more water pollution”.

An attainable approach to changing the gut microbiome and our planet is adding in more green leafy vegetables and berries.

Big Farming

Drinking cow dairy containing antibiotics and hormones is not sustainable and has been implicated in digestive disorders and breast cancer.  Pharmaceuticals adversely influence the gut microbiome and can be easily found in city water. You can create plant-based kinds of milks which are environmentally friendly, free of pesticides and synthetics, and reduce emissions. Or purchase MALK, cold-processed nut milk, made from organically sprouted cashews and labelled ‘gum-free’!

The processing of sugar keeps us sick, fat, toxic, and depressed. “The cultivation and processing of sugar produce environmental impacts through the loss of natural habitats, intensive use of water, heavy use of agrochemicals, discharge and runoff of polluted effluent and air pollution.”  Break your craving for sugar by choosing nutritionally- dense foods and good fats. Junk eating makes you crave more junk foods. Going greener means eating greener. Processed foods are not green. Buy with purpose. Avoid shopping for foods filled with dyes, sugars, GMOs, pesticides, and herbicides which harm our planet and can increase emotional and intestinal stress. Select organic, seasonal, and locally sourced nutritious foods to feed you and your family.


As humans, we are undeniably about energy, rhythm, and frequency. We communicate, hear, and respond to sound through every pore of our body. Our brain is an energetically demanding organ, and so is our earth’s core. The overuse of toxins, chemicals, and EMF pollution contributes to inflammatory conditions, gene expression, and neurodegenerative diseases, stressing our core.

Fracking is a profitable business, but the process causes waterways to become contaminated, damaging the earth’s lungs. The use of an abundance of chemicals to obtain oil encroaches on the foundation of where we live and wildlife as well. The health impacts of fracking include cancer, poor mental health, respiratory issues, and gastrointestinal disorders. We thrive on sunshine, nutritious foods, a clean environment, and exercise. “Emerging scientific research has revealed a surprisingly positive and overlooked environmental factor on health: direct physical contact with the vast supply of electrons on the surface of the Earth.”

The Phenomena Of Staying Green Comes With Certain Benefits

  • Prevents and reduces anxiety disorders.
  • Increases good gut microbiome.
  • Reduces depression.
  • Improves cognitive function, energy levels, and mental health.
  • Reduces toxic exposures.
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes and obesity.

In order to create cleaner, greener surroundings we must look at the unifying principle of our planet- the brain! Planetary homeostasis is obtainable from a conscious world.

The Connections Between Environmental & Internal Pollution! The Connections Between Environmental & Internal Pollution! The Connections Between Environmental & Internal Pollution! The Connections Between Environmental & Internal Pollution!

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