Have you ever looked in your wardrobe and said out loud - I haven’t got a thing to wear?  If that sounds like you, you are not alone.

Unfortunately, we add to our wardrobes depending on how we feel, what we like at that moment, and what size and shape we are at that time.

It’s time to be brutal and take a long look at what is REALLY in that wardrobe and why?

1. Creating Your Sustainable Wardrobe

How to Create a Sustainable Wardrobe

Firstly you might ask - what is a sustainable wardrobe? A sustainable wardrobe is one that endures over time, has the essentials and allows you to see what you can do with your clothes, and how you can accessorize to express the real you!

To get started you need to check out our post that will teach you the 3 Steps To Create A Sustainable Wardrobe

This is not for the faint-hearted so take a deep breath before you click the link above!

Part of your journey to create a sustainable wardrobe will mean giving yourself more visibility of what you keep after you declutter unnecessary items.  Get organised with the following clever ways to organise your wardrobe -

Clothes Draw Dividers  not only get you organised but also save you space

An Underwear Organiser  will help you keep your underwear in shape and organised

Lastly and maybe one of the most versatile - The multi hanger that hangs your hats, bags, belts, and even faces masks!

2. Designing  Your  Feel-Good Wardrobe

Peaceful Dressing

What good is your wardrobe to you if it does not make you feel good.  Yes, you might be organised and decluttered but if your wardrobe does not give you confidence and put a smile on your face when you dress then you may be missing the power of the wardrobe and what it can do for you!

It's all about making you feel amazing and bringing a sense of harmony to your wardrobe. This is not a set and forget and a good practice to do at least twice a year but if you can at the change of each season.  When you invest in how your wardrobe makes you feel this is when you start to feel great.  Learn how to harness the power of peaceful dressing - its priceless

3. Expressing Yourself With Your Wardrobe Choices

Sexy into Spring

Did you know you have an inner animal that is just fighting to get out and express herself.  If you are laughing at that last sentence it may suggest that you either do not feel comfortable getting in touch with the real you, or quite simply you have never taken the time to explore how you really want to express yourself with your wardrobe.

Depending on the season we dress to suit the climate.  What if you dressed to express you (while making sure you don’t freeze to death or suffer from heat exhaustion)

In spring and summer the weather is kinder to us.

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As the last but also probably the most important part of making the most out of your wardrobe it is time to discover the 5 items that you need in your wardrobe to help find your inner animal.

Spoiler alert - number 2 item in the linked post above recommends you express yourself and let go of any inhibitions you may have about your body.  Have fun with this - 

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