Sexy into Spring

Written by Anna Meyer

With the temperatures rising and the winter blues thawing, it is time to start looking towards spring and summer fashion. Below are the 5 items that you need in your wardrobe to help find your inner animal and feel sexy going into spring.

Animal Print

Usually, when Spring comes around, it’s all about the florals and pastels and flowy dresses. This season, however, it has become clear that animal print is the pattern du jour. The beauty of animal print is that you have a plethora of patterns and colours to choose from. Whether it’s snake, leopard, or zebra. There is something for everyone. Whether you plan to wear leopard from head to toe or simply a snakeskin shoe, this season you will be spoilt for choice and nothing is off the table.

Could it be that being locked up has caused the fashion world to go wild? Or is it simply the desire to explore exotic places not being fulfilled that has fueled the resurgence of love for animal print? Who knows? What is clear, is that this season you can wear your inner animal on the outside too.

Hot tip – If you are new to animal print, start with a single piece and combine it with other monochromatic colours to let the piece stand out.

Secret Seduction

The spring season means special events and just as special occasions call for a special dress or outfit, they also call for lingerie. No matter what kind of lingerie you prefer, secretly slipping into something sensual can heighten your excitement for the coming evening. The most important part of feeling sexy in anything but especially lingerie is choosing something that fits you properly and makes you feel comfortable. No matter what shape or size you are, there is lingerie out there for you. The essence of being female is the ability to explore and express your sexuality and femininity. Lingerie is an excellent way to do this. You can get to know yourself and your preferences more intimately.

Remember, however, you don’t need a special event or even a special someone to make good use of a beautiful set of lingerie. Wear it for yourself. Make yourself feel sexy just for yourself. Wearing your sexy lingerie will make you feel self-confident and empowered. Spoiling yourself is the ultimate act of self-love. Be proud of your beauty and femininity.

Skirting The Issue

With the temperature rising, it’s time to raise the hemlines and show off those pins. Mini skirts are back in a big way in every possible shape. Whether it’s a little leather mini or a ra-ra skirt. You will be seeing them all this spring/summer season. Mini skirts can be paired with so many different tops to give some amazing looks. From a printed T-shirt for a casual look or a collared shirt for something a little more refined, there are so many ways to make them look fun and elegant and for you to elevate your look and feel sexy going into spring.

For me, the most important part about wearing a mini skirt in the spring is a great fake tan. After they have been covered up all winter, a good spray tan gives me the extra confidence I need to shorten that hemline.

Take It To The Max

There are a few timeless fashion pieces that are in style every season and the maxi skirt is definitely one of those pieces. This particular piece is so versatile and can be worn to every kind of event from casual to evening looks. Whether you go for a floor-grazing length or a midi length that cuts just above the ankle, your styling options are endless. It is the perfect piece to go from day to night by simply changing your shoes from sneakers to heels.

For the chillier mornings, you can opt for some ankle-length boots and a loose-knit on top and for the hotter days a loose cropped top or camisole. My favourite accessory with a maxi skirt is always a waist to show off my waist a little more. The options are endless, just like the number of colours and patterns that are available. There is a maxi skirt for everyone out there.

Try Something New

There are so many new and different trends out there this season. Why not try something completely different? Whether you want to try a midriff flossing shirt or European cut bathing suits that are cut a lot more cheeky in the bum. Just like in other parts of your life where you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone to grow, fashion is the same. Try that striped patterned shirt with the leopard print skirt. Mix and match colours that you never thought would go together. You will be surprised how many new looks you can come up with if you are willing to be a little experimental.

No matter which one of these spring trends has caught your eye always remember there is nothing sexier than a woman who is feeling confident. Choose outfits that you know you are going to make you feel happy and make you smile. The easiest way to do this is to make sure that the fit is right for you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear an outfit if you love it.

Sexy into Spring Sexy into Spring Sexy into Spring Sexy into Spring Sexy into Spring

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