Boost Your Brain In This High-Tech World

Written by Vicki Radford

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘If I could just get my brain to think as I want it to, then my life would be so much better!’? Our mind is very powerful and controls our lives in so many ways but sometimes our brain needs a little help to catch up to us and take us where we want to go. Technology sometimes gets blamed for being harmful to our brains, but there are also many areas of technology that can help improve our minds in many different areas.

1. Memory (Boost Your Brain)

Not only is our memory a link to our past but it also enables us to hold onto information for a later date. It’s clear then that good memory and a sharp mind is of vital importance to us. As we age, our memory may suffer – maybe because we have too much information already in our head or our brain matter isn’t as young as it used to be. Either way, there are ways in which we can improve our memory with the help of technology and gadgets.

There are many apps out there that promise to help to ‘train your memory’. Lumosity is one such app. It uses quick and fun games to challenge cognitive function. It’s like exercise for your brain. While the jury is still out on how beneficial apps like this really are, this fun and interactive tool might just be worth a try if you are worried that your memory is fading.

Often, our memory can get fuzzy because we simply have too much going on. Meditation can be a good way to relax our mind but often we get distracted and don’t get the full benefits of our meditation time. That’s where Muse comes into it. This headband works with an app and Bluetooth. It is a neurofeedback EEG device that knows when your mind is focused or when it wanders. According to the Muse website “It uses advanced signal processing to interpret your mental activity to help guide you. When your mind is calm and settled, you hear peaceful weather. Busy mind? As your focus drifts, you’ll hear stormy weather that cues you to bring your attention back to your breath.” It sounds like something from the future but you can get one now.

2. Creativity

Our mind is definitely in charge of our creativity and it can be a great way to free our minds. Being creative often removes boundaries – think of it as the way your brain puts its feet up and relaxes. The information world we live in today has definitely embraced creativity and there are many avenues out there to get your creative juices flowing.

One way to boost your creativity is to see what others are doing. If you are planning a birthday party or Easter brunch, what better place to get inspired than on Pinterest. This social media site is a great way to inspire your mind. There are pictures and articles on any topic you could imagine. This site is inspiring and interactive. You can pin articles to pinboards you create and share and you can even publish your own articles. There are so many creative benefits to this site that your mind will be flowing with creativity.

Another great site that is a must to help your creativity flourish is YouTube. It’s not just for silly videos about cats or kids. Check out the amazing DIY videos to peak your creativity. Building a deck, sewing a Book Week costume or organising your pantry, you’ll find instructional videos about it. Videos are a great way to inspire you and teach you too.

3. Emotions (Boost Your Brain)

Our mind is totally in charge of our emotions. Our brain can make us happy one minute then angry the next and often we don’t even know why. Just willing our mind to feel good doesn’t always work but there are ways we can steer our brain to feel better about ourselves.

Whether it’s a Garmin, Fitbit or countless other versions of the same idea, a smart watch is a great way to enhance your mood. Exercise is a known contributor to mood improvement but the way you interact with the watch also helps to improve your mood. Having a watch that counts your steps, guides you through an exercise routine and congratulates you on a job well done will definitely lift your spirits.

Finally, a technological app that is helping people with disabilities live a happier and more confident life is the Big Red Button. Recently Jeenee Mobile and Community Connections Australia won the Zero Project Award 2019 on Independent Living and Political Participation for its 24/7 Help - Big Red Button. This international award was given as this innovative app excels in the areas of innovation, impact, chances of long-term growth and success and scalability. Helping those with disabilities, all you need to do is press the help button on your smartphone screen and you will be connected instantly to a specially trained team who will help you with whatever you need, even if it’s just a chat to help them feel they can handle a situation. Many people with disabilities feel safe, calm and more confident living a full life due to the assistance from this great app. Their emotions, as well as the emotions of their families, are definitely helped by this special app and allow them to face the world in a positive way.

Our brain is the major control centre to our emotions, our creativity and our memory. We may not be able to wish our brains to make us feel better or give us inspiration but technology can offer a little boost to help get us where we want to be. Through apps, websites and devices easily accessible to us, our mind can accomplish amazing things.

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