Tuning Into Your Needs

Tuning Into Your Needs (and Listening!)

Written by Nikki Cox Self-care mean good parenting, although many of us have been led to believe it means selfish parenting. Although it is natural, normal and sometimes necessary to put your children’s needs ahead of your own, more often than not we tend to over-action this message. Practicing self-care restores the internal balance that is often disrupted as a…

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Relaxing with mBIT

Relaxing with mBIT

How integrating your multiple intelligences can help you find peace Written by Carolyn King from Empowered Happiness Our mental health affects everything we do.  From going out and meeting friends, to our performance at work, our family relationships, and our ability to really relax.  Never ending mental chatter and self-criticism, interrupts the serenity and peace we so desire when wishing…

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Staying Mentally Healthy

Staying Mentally Healthy in Parenthood

Written by Nikki Cox When you become a parent, something fundamental shifts inside of you. Every fibre of your being is devoted to learning how to parent, and how to do it to the best of your ability with each challenge that comes along. You give up large parts of yourself to nurture and care for your children; mentally, emotionally,…

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Creating Balance in

Creating Balance in Parenthood

Written by Nikki Cox Being a parent is a complex, overwhelming and sometimes stressful experience that requires a lot of constant juggling of different priorities in life. This juggling act can often leave you feeling inadequate, out of control, depleted and defeated. But when you achieve a sense of balance as a parent, this allows you to feel happy and…

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Comparison judgement

Comparison, judgement and social media

By Sam Taylor from The Nurture Project Measuring yourself against others can in some ways be helpful. You might feel inspired about someone else’s achievements which then motivates you to improve your own life. The recognition that your abilities are a notch above someone else’s can deliver a boost to your self esteem. But comparisons can be harmful when they…

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Ditch the Social Media

How to Ditch Social Media

For improved relationships with your family Written by Carolyn King from Empowered Happiness We all know our time is precious, and even more precious is the time we spend with our family and those closest to us.  Relaxing with family is a great way to not only recharge our own batteries but also encourage stronger connections with those we love.…

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Make Relaxation a part

Make Relaxation a part of your Self-Care

Written by Carolyn King Do you ever feel like you can’t think straight?  Are you finding that you are spending most of your time barely surviving and living in reactive mode?  Putting out fires everywhere rather than laying some solid foundations? Are you feeling like you never have time to do what you want to do?  Do you feel that…

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The Power of

The Power of a Daily Routine

Written by Sam Taylor from The Nurture Project As the summer holidays come to a close, we turn our minds to the year ahead and what we hope to achieve. We are often looking for ways to be better versions of ourselves. Perhaps we’d like to lose weight, exercise regularly, start that side hustle or be happier, calmer, more productive…

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Happy Mum

Happy Mum: The True Source of Family Wealth

Written by Nikki Cox Wealth in life can be defined in many ways, and can look very different to every person. By one definition, wealth is having “a plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing”, and what is desirable to each and every one of us is based on our values in life. My grandmother always said that she was…

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mother reading story to daughter in bed

The Energy Endeavour

Written by Nikki Cox Motherhood is profoundly fulfilling, but it is also the most physically, emotionally and mentally demanding activity anyone could ever do. There is no doubt that some dads are great; fantastic with the kids, committed to mutual parenting, do their fair share around the house and are very supportive overall. But this isn’t always the case. If…

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woman sitting in meditation pose outside

Unload the Mental Load

Written by Nikki Cox Women are naturally multi-taskers, and this innate skill ramps up significantly after you become a mother. Constantly trying to remember things you need to do, people you need to call, appointments you need to book, decisions you need to make… just to feel like you are in control of your life and are always ahead. As…

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