No one is immune from taking a wrong turn in life.  After all, we are human.

However, if we allow stress or toxic friendships to take a choke-hold, we can stay stuck unable to fulfill our potential. This means we may be standing in our own way, powerless to learn and grow from our mistakes.

What we need to remember is: the body and mind are continually rebuilding in order to assist the natural process of enjoying and celebrating the best life possible.

To celebrate life take these 6 simple steps. (Celebrating Life!)

Take the time to build your emotional stability muscle. Embody the thought. Practice makes perfect! When someone disrespects you because they’re having a bad day, don’t make their problem yours. Love yourself right now for who you are? Chin up! Ask what, who, or you? Identify what is it you’re dealing with and where your disappointment lies.

Give up your control freak attitude. Usually, people out of control need to control others. Ask. Who or what is it that has the power to control you? Do you aim for control in everything in life?  What are some control patterns that you’ve carried around since childhood? When we’re afraid to let go of the old and bring in the new stagnation is created. Get a grip on control. You can only control your actions, reactions, and your attitude.

Stop Wasting Time.  How many times a day do you tell yourself you don’t have time for this or that? Time is not the enemy, beliefs are.  Most people waste time every day by multitasking and never really completing one project. Journal what you want to accomplish. Categorize them. What do you need to hold onto and what can you let go of?

Include Self-Care. Running on empty keeps you from taking care of you! If you have goals and dreams of a better life, it’s impossible to move forward with low energy levels, mood disorders, and primitive coping skills. After months or years of disrespecting your body with an abundance of alcohol and/or high sugary products, your well-power needs a makeover! This is where you make the decision to eat healthily. Close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath. Meditate and visualize how you’ll feel after 10 days of a junk-free lifestyle. Take the path to increase organic whole foods and ditch all processed sugary foods.

Stop Sleep Deprivation. Television and video games can be addictive and manipulatory. A good nights sleep builds brainpower.  Create a bedtime ritual you can stick with every night. For instance, drink a warm, relaxing herbal tea, and turn off the TV and computer two hours before bed.

Stop Making Excuses. Exercise supports a healthy mind and body. Exercise is a mindset, a way of life. There is no magic way around it.  Ask. What can you do to grow from yesterday into today?  You can incorporate small steps towards continuous improvements in your exercise routine. You can create happy and healthy immune cells and improve the body communication network with daily exercise.

Find a coaching program that encourages you to develop healthy habits that last a lifetime. Take the first steps to de-stress today and make favorable life circumstances happen!

Connie Rogers is a Certified Integrative Nutritional Holistic Health Coach, Certified Brain Health Coach, and Published Author. She is passionate about and an advocate for health, food, and well-being. Equally passionate about researching, blogging, education, and empowerment. and

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