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Time to tackle workplace burnout

A case study and a way to nurture mental health Written by Katriina Tahka Chronic exhaustion, anxiety, an over-active mind that prevents a deep and restful sleep from occurring, and the onset of depression and other mental issues. These symptoms sound pretty common, right? They’ve almost become the trademark of this working generation. When ignored, these symptoms can lead to…

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Setting yourself up for success with new habits

Written by Kate Witteveen Making a big change is never easy. We usually need many repetitions before something becomes automatic, with research suggesting it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit. The good news is, this is 24 days less than the 90 days previously suggested. The bad news is, it is still more than two…

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Sticking To Your Healthy Habits

Written by Katie Lowe (BA, GradDipPosPsych) Have you ever procrastinated about getting started on that new health and wellbeing goal? Have you waited eagerly for that surge of motivation to hit and fill you with bursts of energy and positivity to get going? I’m going to suggest you have done both, because I know I have! I have some bad…

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Which Messaging Platform do I use?

Written by Kareem Tawansi So, we’re now in the roaring twenties, with technology in every aspect of our life; some helps us and some hinders us. And I can’t think of an area where this causes more confusion and uncertainty than, which damn messaging platform do I use? From SMS to Messaging “In the olden days”, we used to just…

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10 Easy Hacks to Start Living Your Ideal Life

Written By Peter Horsfield 1. Let go of your past. The past is dry cement. We cannot change it, however the choices we make today can change our future. So, next time your thoughts drift back, and we start to self-judge. Be like Elsa from the movie Frozen and start singing “Let it Go!”. 2. Do something.  “An inch of action…

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Reduce Pain, Improve Energy, Balance Hormones, & Reverse Heart Disease with a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Written by Connie Rogers Certified Health Coach, Brain Health Coach, & Published Author   What is the meaning of plant based? An organic plant-based lifestyle assures the user of safety practices in foods and products that we ingest or use on our skin. A plant-based clean-living lifestyle improves health and longevity without toxic exposures in our home, clothing, and medicinal…

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Financial health

How to raise kids that are money-savvy and happy Written by Sonia Gibson Rarely, does money solve a money problem. Money problems are solved by improving financial literacy. You need to have the skill to assess your financial situation and find the source of the problem. More often than not, it’s not a shortage of income (although it’s incredibly common…

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How To Recognize The Signs Of Burnout

Written by Katie Lowe (BA, GradDipPosPsych) Life can be exhausting! Balancing a career; study; love and relationships; children and family; up keeping a house; cooking; exercising; maintaining your physical, emotional and mental health; friends and a social life; leisure; and all the other things, can be quite the juggle. ‘Burnout’ is when you reach the point of physical and emotional…

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How to Listen To Your Body When You’re A Busy Entrepreneur

Written by Sonia Gibson, Director at Accounting Heart Chartered Accountants Running a business like a well-oiled machine takes business smarts. However, just like the human being behind these successful brands, a business thrives on routine and consistency. The only difference between the hands that make it all work and the endeavour itself is that you require downtime. When you deny…

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Workplace Wellness

Teach Your Team To Listen To Their Bodies Written by Katriina Tahka Workplace wellness programs don’t have the best track records, especially if you look at places like the USA. Many of these programs, while intending to be helpful, become invasive and place undue pressure on workers. True wellness doesn’t come from a fitness program that coerces people into cooperation.…

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Tuning Into Your Needs (and Listening!)

Written by Nikki Cox Self-care mean good parenting, although many of us have been led to believe it means selfish parenting. Although it is natural, normal and sometimes necessary to put your children’s needs ahead of your own, more often than not we tend to over-action this message. Practicing self-care restores the internal balance that is often disrupted as a…

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