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Written by Cath Manuel

With a change of season, we usually find many families experiencing colds, flu and other illness.

To help prevent runny little noses, coughs and general sickness, try boosting the immune system for yourself and your family this winter.

The purpose of our immune system is to defend the body from attacks of illness, so try these two simple protective methods…

Enjoy the Outdoors.

Connecting with nature and being outside helps to boost the immune. It reduces stress, which can cause illness, and improves emotional wellbeing. Outdoor activities help to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility, which strengthens our resistance to sickness.

Good health begins with the soil our food is grown in, so grow something fresh in your garden to enjoy each day to boost your immune system!

Munch on Nutrient Packed Foods.

Grow your own food! While you’re enjoying outdoor fun, consider growing some healthy food in your garden, it’s super easy!

Try these…

Healthy greens pack a nutrient punch!

Kale, Broccoli, Silverbeet, Sorrel or Parsley are all packed with vitamins and mineral to nourish a growing body. Peas, and Beans are a super snack for kids to pick and eat and are so easy to grow. Try growing Snow Peas for a quick and easy crop.

Try growing these in a container near your kitchen or patio, or grow a few plants throughout your garden to pick as needed.

Citrus Fruit - load up on Vitamin C!

I’m sure most people love to use Lemons and Limes regularly. Packed with many vitamins, especially Vitamin C, fresh citrus juice is great to have on hand for morning fresh juice, squeezed over any salad, Asian cooking and to beverages for extra flavour.

Fresh Lime juice is divine, especially added to natural mineral water. Also especially delicious with freshly picked Mint leaves, another easy to grow herb!

Lemons and Limes have antiseptic properties and boost the immune system due to the high level of vitamin C. This is great for our bodies as most Citrus fruits are ripening in Winter, just when we need to boost our health through the cold and flu seasons. I love how nature supports us!

Citrus Fruits are grown in most parts of the world and many varieties are available. They grow well in large pots or in the ground.

I have growing Tangelos, Lemons, Limes, Oranges and Mandarins. My boys love picking and eating fresh fruit while outside playing and throwing the skins around the trees.

Creating an edible garden in any sized space is easy to do. My tip is ‘Dream Big, Start Small’.

  • Start by listing the fresh foods you enjoy the most and which foods you’d love to grow.
  • Decide on the location or growing method for these foods, eg in containers or a raised garden bed.
  • Build healthy soil – ‘Healthy Soil = Healthy Food = Healthy Bodies’. Find loads of information here -
  • Grow seasonal vegetables, eg cool season veggies in winter and warm season foods in summer.
  • Try growing new plants from seed to save time and money – download and print easy steps here -
  • Nurture your garden and it will provide you with abundant, healthy foods.

By growing your own food, you are encouraging kids to head outside, enjoy fresh air and sunshine and also get their hands in the dirt. Plus they’ll be eating nutrient-packed food to increase wellness.

This will super-boost their immune systems for a healthy, happy winter!


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