Is Longing For Connection

Written by Connie Rogers

Billions have pored into Facebook for this very reason. Connection! When young, we learn and are responsive to experiences and environmental influences.

Connection is a language all its own and, most times, spoken without words. For instance, we seem to understand the mind/ muscle connection when we train for a marathon. In utero, we connect with and are influenced by the sounds of music.

In reality, emotional connections and positive energy seems to be something most desire, but few achieve. Metal Illnesses have increased in the last ten years and can be said to result from over-prescribed medications and addictions that these afford. 

Studies say, “For better moods, one in four American women are on some kind of psychiatric medication compared to one in seven men.” Loneliness sets in. And now, as silly as it sounds, researchers are studying pills for loneliness. Should they be studying connections instead?

Connections are our way of tasting life!

A Heartbreak. When we are experiencing grief, fear, trauma, abandonment, or depression, our whole being can mirror a slump in energy. Connection is disrupted in both brain/gut axis. Even after a traumatic event is over and forgotten, toxic energy can still be trapped inside, disrupting the flow and distorting the tissue around it. This is where disease can manifest. A grieving, depressed heart is an energy issue, waiting for us to love life again. Most times, we look for solace in good book or our furry friends to solve our emotion need for connection.

Healing information can be carried from one person to another by heartfelt good vibrations. We all vibrate either positive or negative energy, depending on our stress levels at any given moment. But, few understand the differences in chemical reactions and vibrations. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton,“Information can be carried by chemistry, and information can be carried by vibration. The question is whether one is better than the other.” “Lipton explains that chemical reactions transfer only about two percent of information. Information transmitted by frequency and vibration (energy) passes nearly 100 percent of the information."

A New Love. Unbeknownst to most, we may be choosing our new mate by the health of their gut microbiome. As humans, we have the ability to smell the differences between health and sickness. Yes, it's true! We can make gut to gut connections. Our lips and mouth have a direct connection to the immune system in our gut. And, as far as long term connections go, we seem to attract what our gut and brain axis requires.

Foods. When we suffer from low self-esteem, together with low libido, we may reach for a connection with our favorite food for comfort instead of human connections. However, foods won’t prove beneficial if emotions are the ones starving. Poor food choices may increase our connection to stress, and its adverse health effects. In a worst-case scenario, foods can trigger further separation from the ones we really want to be connected with in the first place.

Mental Health. Our nervous system and our immune system are not independent systems but are closely associated (connected) and use the same makeup of neurotransmitters. Mental illness is an inflammatory condition that has taken a short separation (a broken connection) from our true self. If we drown in depression, we can lose our inner voice. It can be said in mental illness; we lose the ability to trust our own power and creativity. Humans are crisis motivated. This means we may procrastinate until we are seriously sick, stuck, or in trouble to make a conscious, meaningful step towards a better reality. If we wait, scientist believe they have the power to change our mental health, emotions, and cognition for us.

Neuropathy. Malnutrition includes alcohol abuse, smoking, eating disorders, and things that affect the GI tract causing low blood flow, and impaired absorption of essential vitamins and minerals, leading to neuropathy. The feeling is lost, causing unfavorable changes in our skin's brain. Inwardly, neuropathy can be said we’re opting out of connecting with the way our skin is designed to protect us. Outwardly, we may need to change what and who we surround ourselves with.

If you desire stronger emotional and physical connections, it's time to heal the entire emotional body and the mind. Without the ability to produce and use energy and connections together, living things would cease to exist. And, the fastest way to restore connections is to heal yourself first.

Connie Rogers Certified Integrative Health Coach, Brain Health Coach, & Published Author. 

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